Richard Boehm

Richard Boehm is presently assigned to service Locals 504, 525, 526 and 527 representing various class and crafts throughout the United States.

Richard joined the TWU in 1966 at JFK as an aircraft mechanic with Pan Am Airways.

He has served as Shop Steward, Senior Shop Steward, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary-Treasurer and President of Local 504. He has represented a diversity of employees in transportation, fleet service, mechanics, cargo, cleaners, drivers and flight attendants. He has represented these employees at contract negotiations, systems boards and arbitrations. He has participated in mergers at Pam Am and National Airlines. He led Worldwide Flight Services mergers with Miami Aircraft, Aerolink, Miami CFS and at Virgin Atlantic Cargo. In addition, Richard has lobbied in Washington, D.C. and Albany, N.Y. for labor issues.

Prior to Pan Am, Richard served four years with the U.S. Air Force and two years with Holland American Lines in the Accounting Department.




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