Accommodation Review Board

The Accommodation Review Board (ARB) was established in late 1992 to comply with American Airlines employees’ requests under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). When a member has exhausted all other means under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and has permanent restrictions, the employee should contact his or her local manager in writing, along with a copy to the local president, requesting a review by the ARB.

The members of the board are as follows:

  • Analyst Accommodation (Chairperson from AA)
  • AA Attorney
  • Senior Principal of Employee Relations
  • Manager of Human Resource Operational Support
  • AA area physician
  • TWU International ATD
  • TWU ATD Benefits Committee Chairman

The ARB meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. In the event that a dispute arises within the board and the member cannot be accommodated, there are times under the TWU group where field trips will be made to the specific city to address the issue. After all remedies are exhausted, a job search is then exercised to try to place the affected member into a job that would accommodate his/her restrictions.




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