Cross Utilization

The Cross Utilization Panel was established in the early 1990s to ensure compliance with the provisions outlined in Article 11 (h). This provision allows the company to cross utilize employees in different classifications. 

(h) Regardless of any provision in this Agreement, the Stores Agreement, or the Fleet Service Agreement, the Company may assign or schedule any employee to perform work of any classification under this Agreement, the Stores Agreement, or the Fleet Service Agreement. Provided, however, the Company will not assign Aviation Maintenance Technicians to do that work now performed by Building Cleaners.

The only time when the Company can cross utilize a member from one classification to another is when a classification is fully encumbered and has no one available within that classification to perform work.

The Cross Utilization Panel is comprised of a TWU ATD International Representative and a member from American Airlines Employee Relations. 

The Cross Utilization Panel meets once every other month (as needed) to review the facts of the cases submitted.




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