AA Part-Time Utilization and Part-Time Review Committee

The Part Time Panel was established in 1995 to ensure compliance with the contract regarding the use of part time employees. In connection with part-time utilization, the TWU and the Company agreed that full-time employees would not be arbitrarily replaced with part-time employees. The intent of this agreement is to insure that flight schedules, volumes, and good business practice dictate the optimal split between full-time and part-time employees at a location.

The Committee has access to the information necessary for making determinations as to whether the part-time/full-time mix is and continues to be in accordance with the principles outlined above as well as those specific scheduling and staffing provisions outlined in the Agreement. This Committee will review part-time issues brought to its attention, and will take the necessary and appropriate action to resolve those issues.

Part-Time Utilization and Part-Time Review Committee is composed of two (2) representatives from each party to review utilization of part-time staffing. The Review Committee meets in DFW on an as needed basis.




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