Reduction In Force and Recall Panel

The RIF/Recall panel came into effect in the 2001 agreement. The panel was created because the union believed that after a RIF/Recall a grievance processed through the System Board, it would take too long to get a settlement.

The RIF panel is outlined in Article 15


(m) Upon request of the Local Union President, an employee may, within seven calendar days, appeal to a review panel composed of a representative of TWU International and the Vice President, – Employee Relations, any disputes regarding Reduction In Force application or administration.

The Recall Panel is comprised of an International Representative (or his designee) and a member of AA Employee Relations. The panel was added when the company started reducing employees at stations or recalling employees back and with all the complexities that are involved in both reductions and recalls there are times when mistakes were made. Again, the union and the company believed it would be better to have a panel to be able to settle the disputes more expeditiously than through the arbitration process and to ensure other employees are not further harmed.

The RIF Recall Panel meets once a month to discuss and investigate and render a decision. If the panel members cannot come to agreement on the disposition of a dispute, the case will then be scheduled on the System Board of Arbitration for disposition.




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