AA Seniority Protest Panel

The Seniority Protest Panel was originally used in the early 1990s due to the number of employees having problems with capturing occupational, classification and company seniority accurately while upgrading to different title groups, along with the impact of reductions in force and recalls.

The language was incorporated into the agreement in the 2001 contract. The panel consists of one representative from American Airlines Employee Relations department and an International Representative (or his designee) from the Transport Workers Union, ATD. The two parties review the protests to determine if the protest has merit. The parties review the employees' payroll histories, the seniority lists in which the employees entered the company or classification, along with the proper application of the Kasher Award for former TWA employees.

The panel can grant the protest and adjust the employees’ seniority and correct the placement on the seniority list or reinstate their protection status.

The panel can grant the protest in part.

The panel can deny the protest.

When the decision is rendered the protest is sent back to the TWU International ATD and logged on the protest log. It is also scanned and sent to the local president where the protest originated.

The Seniority Protest is outline in Article 13 (d) and (e) of the CBA.




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