Technical Crew Chief Panel

The Technical Crew Chief Panel was established on October 28, 1985 due to the Technical Crew Chief being a new classification at that time. The purpose of the panel is to ensure compliance with the contract regarding the work being performed within the classification of Technical Crew Chief in Maintenance and Engineering. 

The purpose of the classification of a “Technical Crew Chief” is to provide technical assistance, guidance, training and administrative support to the Maintenance and Engineering Department. The scope of the Technical Crew Chief classification is, in addition to the Crew Chief classification, outlined in the Labor Agreement.

A possible violation would be when a Technical Crew Chief performed duties outside of the established scope of work. Any disputes arising out of interpretation or application of the Letter of Agreement dated October 28, 1985 shall be processed to a panel consisting of the International Vice President of the Transport Workers Union (or his designee) representing the workers, and the Vice President of Maintenance & Engineering (or his designee) representing the company, or their designees.

If you feel that a Technical Crew Chief has been performing job tasks outside his job classification and scope, contact your local TWU representatives to bring the issue to the Technical Crew Chief Panel. Make sure you give your local all of the pertinent information regarding the alleged violation; e.g., a narrative summary of the work performed, FMR, log book pages, etc. 

The Technical Crew Chief Panel meets as needed in DFW, reviews the facts and supporting information and renders a decision.




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