Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle, International Vice President, began his career with American Airlines and has been a member of Local 512 since 1984. He has held multiple positions, serving as shop steward and then elected as Columbus, Ohio Section Chairman, and twice elected President of Local 512 in 2009 and 2012. During his tenure with Local 512, Sean served as a trial committee chairman, trial committee member, and election committee member. 
Sean has also been involved in multiple successful union organizing campaigns for TWU’s airline and transit divisions and continues to assist the Organizing Department on key campaigns. In 2009, Sean was also elected to TWU’s International Executive Board.
Sean remains very active in the Government Affairs Department and is responsible for coordinating and assisting with the TWU State Conferences. He founded the TWU Illinois/Indiana State Conference, and was a founding member and Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio TWU Political Action Committee.
In 2013, Sean was elected International Vice President and International Executive Council Member. He was appointed International Representative for the Air Transport Division where his responsibilities include AA Mechanic and Related, Materials Logistics Specialists, and MCT Groups for the members in Locals 514, 567, and 591. He also assists the AA System Coordinator with the Fleet Service locals.
Additional appointments include co-chairman of the International Committee on Appeals and any assignments defined by the International Administrative Committee.