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American Airlines Equity Lawsuit Update
2/25/16: We continue to receive questions concerning the American Airlines equity lawsuit. The latest update is below:
The appeal by plaintiffs in the Demetrius lawsuit is still pending:  the U.S. District Court ordered the dismissal of this case, in which plaintiffs challenge TWU’s Equity Distribution Plan; and plaintiffs have appealed the Court’s order to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case has not yet been scheduled for argument, nor have judges been assigned to the case. 
TWU will communicate with you as soon as there is any further development in the appeal. Please be sure to download the TWU App and sign up for notifications to get the latest updates on this and all things TWU-related.

Pie Chart from Reserve Fund document

 Q&A on AA Equity, 12/4/15

 Transport Workers Union of America Reserve Fund Consolidated Asset Allocation as of 3/31/16

Distribution of Equity Shares
The total number of shares each eligible employee receives in the equity distribution process is based on a set of factors that is unique to each individual, including his or her particular tax situation. TWU has issued a complete explanation of how shares were distributed, which has been disseminated via post to all affected members. All members eligible for equity distribution were given the right to appeal their number of shares to the TWU Equity Distribution Appeals Committee, and that committee has issued all requested decisions.
If a member has any questions or concerns about his or her equity shares, the first stop in getting the information you need is your local. From the start of the process, TWU AA Locals have taken the lead on equity distribution matters. The AA equity distribution process was developed and voted on by the TWU AA Equity Distribution Committee, composed of officers from Locals 502, 512, 513, 514, 541, 542, 567, 568, and 591. These decisions were also voted on and approved by the TWU AA Presidents Council. You can also e-mail the TWU Equity Distribution Committee.


News Updates

On February 4, 2015, Judge Vince Chhabria of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an Order granting TWU’s motion to dismiss plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint in the case Demetris v. Transport Workers Union of America, Case No. 13-cv-05566-VC. The Court dismissed the case with prejudice and entered judgment in favor of TWU and against plaintiffs. Plaintiffs have 90 days from February 4 to decide whether to appeal the judgment.
Read more>> February 05, 2015
Status update on the lawsuits challenging the TWU AA Equity Distribution Plan.
Read more>> February 05, 2015

Equity Distribution Contacts

Get answers via e-mail from the TWU Equity Distribution Committee .

Local 501 Victor J. Gonzalez (718) 978-1929
Local 502 Andre Sutton (520) 991-9670
Local 505 Mike Mayes (650) 692-1051
Local 507 Tim Hughes (617) 634-5540
Local 510 Pete Hogan (703) 683-3131
Local 512 Chris Biancalana (847) 956-6996
Local 513 Brian Oyer (817) 688-0563
Local 514 Dale Danker (918) 437-4300
Local 529 Charlie Meyer (314) 581-2904
Local 541 Jim Fudge (817) 545-2326
Local 542 John Plowman (817) 545-2326
Local 567 Larry Pike (817) 232-9471
Local 568 Tom Lee (305) 874-2788
Local 591 Gary Peterson (817) 591-4290





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