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In a recent article in The Hill about the ongoing Congressional debate over the FAA Reauthorization bill and union voting rules, TWU International President James C. Little was quoted supporting the amendment offered by Republican Congressmen Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) that would preserve democratic union voting rules for aviation and rail workers.

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TWU Local 542 and Alaska Airlines jointly announced a tentative agreement on March 31 for a new four-year contract for the carrier's 36 dispatchers. The proposed contract includes wage increases and provisions to improve quality of life issues, among other changes.

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In front of the white marble steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, hundreds of union members along with women and civil rights advocates joined the Rally to Stand with the Women of Wal-Mart on Tuesday, March 29 to support justice and equality at the corporate giant Wal-Mart.

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This April 4, TWU Locals, other unions and our community allies will be standing together at workplace and community events all across the country in a huge coordinated show of solidarity. There will be job site pickets, wearing of solidarity colors, buttons or armbands, “walk-ins,” community vigils, public rallies, demonstrations, teach-ins, and many more events. Through the strength of our unity, we will show the Tea Party billionaires and their political hired guns that Workers’ Rights are Human Rights, and that we will win the battle for the American Dream.

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The number of damaged or leaking hazardous materials containers shipped by rail has more than doubled over the past four years, and Rail Labor is demanding to know why.

The shocking figures are highlighted in comments filed on March 24 by seven Rail Labor unions, including the TWU, in response to a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Notice of Public Meeting. 

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TWU leaders representing transit division locals from around the country met with fellow local and national union activists, transportation experts and transit system administrators to discuss the major challenges facing the transportation industry during a period of decreased funding and service cuts, an aging workforce and changing technology.

The Transportation Learning Center’s Making Connections conference in Silver Spring, Md. on March 17, 2011 was an opportunity for participants to share ideas and discuss strategies for improving transit service and creating good jobs. TWU members from Philadelphia, New York and Columbus and International staff participated in workshops, gave presentations and led conversations on how to move the industry forward towards a more sustainable future.

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One hundred years ago on March 25, 1911 a fire erupted on the top floors of a shirtwaist factory in a Manhattan that in just 30 minutes would take the lives of 146 workers, mostly young women, in the historic and tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The horrendous event sparked reform in workplace health and safety as well as a drive to organize garment workers, but 100 years later workers are still struggling for safe workplaces and a voice on the job.

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Despite the cold and the rain, tens of thousands of middle class Ohioans showed their resolve by rallying in towns and cities across the state on March 15 to protest Senate Bill 5 that would strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

With signs in hand and wearing TWU ponchos, TWU members from rail and transit locals joined fellow union members at a rally in Akron, Ohio at the Tri County AFL-CIO headquarters as part of the statewide day of action. The crowd of 500 activists listened to speeches, chanted slogans and called on the state legislature to kill the bill. Should SB 5 pass, Ohioans are prepared to launch a campaign to put the bill on the ballot for citizens to vote on through a referendum.
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Today, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order blocking the implementation of the bill that strips hundreds of thousands of hard working Wisconsinites of their voice on the job.

“Judge Sumi confirmed today what we knew all along – that the bill stripping hundreds of thousands of hard working Wisconsinites of their voice on the job was rammed through illegally in the dark of the night,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.
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TWU International Officers, President James C. Little, Secretary-Treasurer Joe Gordon, Vice President Harry Lombardo, Administrative Vice President John Conley, Chief of Staff Jeffrey L. Brooks, and other senior staff join the spirited picket greeting the Wisconsin Governor. They vowed to keep up the fight for working families and defend the middle class wherever it is being threatened.

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Transport Workers Union International President James C. Little appeared on the Union Edge Radio Talk Show on Tuesday, March 15 to discuss the rising attack on the middle class and the need to create good jobs.

President Little spoke about the threat to workers’ rights that is occurring in states across the country like Wisconsin and Ohio and how people have "awakened" and are fighting back. He stressed the importance of engaging young people in the labor movement and seizing upon the grassroots energy in Wisconsin to mobilize a new generation. 
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A steady flow of people arrived Friday in Madison, Wisconsin, anticipating tomorrow's massive protest rally set for 11:00am. From across the country they came, union members, students and retirees from different professions, all in support of the people of Wisconsin and their fight to keep collective bargaining rights. TWU members arrived in Madison by whatever means of transportation they could, and more are on their way. Labor members and sympathetic citizens want to support the army of people that have kept up the fight by occupying the Wisconsin State Capitol building for weeks. Today, reinforcements arrived from across the country, and there were many smiles among the tired protesters.

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Passion flooded Madison, Wiscosin today as thousands of workers and their families from all over the state and nation swarmed Wisconsin's capital protesting the recent passage of the law eliminating most collective bargaining rights for wisconsin's public employee unions.  Today’s massive demonstration followed yesterday’s walkout by Madison high school students, who congregated at the Capitol in solidarity with their teachers.  The recent attacks on workers’ rights, which began in Wisconsin, has (demonstrated by, among other things, the pizza orders for protesters that have poured in from all over world)  literally brought people together from all walks of life to show their support.  

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Through some late-night political trickery, Republican Wisconsin State Senators have destroyed 50 years of collective bargaining (CB) and violated democratic principles to advance their politically motivated attack on workers.

The procedural move late on the night of Wednesday, March 9 shows Gov. Scott Walker’s true intentions—to weaken the power of workers and dismantle the middle class. The bill to end collective bargaining for public workers was never about balancing the budget, but was an ideologically driven attack and a reward to the billionaires like the Koch brothers who fund Walker and his cronies.
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The Air Transport Division recently mailed copies of "Aircraft Maintenance In America: Who Is Fixing My Plane?" to all American Airline Local Presidents and members working in the aircraft maintenance field. The report details specific data on aircraft maintenance performed in the U.S. and abroad. It details the continuing fight for legislation that would level the field for aircraft maintenance providers and technicians. While some maintenance repair centers are scrutinized heavily by the FAA, hundreds of others go unabated.

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Timeline of National Action

March 12: 
National day of action called by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. All unionists and labor activists in Wisconsin and neighboring states mobilize in Madison on March 12, with labor-led solidarity actions the same day in cities across the country. 
March 15:
Rallies around the country and in Ohio statewide mobilization against SB 5.
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The halls of the Ohio statehouse in Columbus rumbled with chants of Kill the Bill as thousands of people crammed into the capitol today to protest Senate Bill 5 during Republican Governor John Kasich’s State of the State Address.

After gathering on the steps of the capitol building, thousands of firefighters, bus drivers, teachers, construction workers and nurses flooded into the building to let Gov. Kasich know that working people will not stand by while he threatens the middle-class. As Kasich gave his speech behind closed doors, the sounds of booing and chanting from the protestors in the hallways outside echoed through the chambers.
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Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) is commemorating the day by highlighting the important role of women in the transportation industry.

Women transit workers have been fighting for equality and justice for over a hundred years and continue to be pioneers in building the labor movement. The ITF is using the important day to mobilize around the campaign of “Your Union, Your Future” and organize events to promote the rights’ of women and increase their role in unions. From Jordan to the Congo, ITF affiliate unions are holding rallies, trainings and seminars.
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Addressing the crisis facing transit systems, ensuring fair union elections for rail and aviation workers, and creating jobs are the top priorities of transportation unions. 

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The attempt by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees has turned Wisconsin into ground zero for democracy in America.

A new report from TWU lays out the impact and ramifications of what is happening in Wisconsin for the future of America, the economy and working families and debunks the lies about public workers and state budgets.
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Chanting “Kill the Bill,” an unprecedented number of workers and community members rallied in Ohio as the protests against a bill that would strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights continued to swell.

The biggest crowds yet, nearly 20,000, gathered at the Ohio statehouse in Columbus on Tuesday Feb. 22 as the state legislature held another hearing on Senate Bill 5 that would end collective bargaining for transit workers, teachers, nurses and other public workers. 
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Local presidents on the TWU American Airlines Negotiations Committee held a press conference at the Air Transit Division (ATD) office in Hurst, Texas on Thursday, Feb. 24. Collectively they represent more than 22,000 workers in different classifications mired in negotiations with American Airlines (AA) that began in late 2007.

ATD Director Garry Drummond welcomed the press and wasted no time in explaining the union's decision to go local, nationwide and global in their fight for a fair contract with American Airlines. "TWU is part of a global alliance. It’s called the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). The ITF brings together 4.6 million workers in 155 countries,” Drummond said. "When you have that many people under one umbrella, you’ve got power. We’re going to use the power of the ITF to help us settle this dispute." 
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In Gov. Scott Walker’s mean-spirited and controversial attempt to bust public workers unions in Wisconsin, he would also put state and local transit systems at risk—destroying thousands of jobs and stranding riders.

Walker is pushing legislation that would strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights, which would result in the state losing nearly $47 million in federal transportation money. The harsh ramifications for transit from Walker's plan expose the ideological and political motivation for this draconian restriction on workers’ rights, which hurt the economy and leave riders high and dry.
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