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TWU is joining with fellow unions, community organizations and elected leaders to hold a public discussion on transportation equity in Ohio and the nation. Watch a live stream of the event, “Where Ohio Needs to Go: A Statewide Conversation on Transportation Equity & Federal Policy.”

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TWU International awarded 15 sons and daughters of TWU members four-year college scholarships through the Michael Quill Scholarship Program, which helps the children of TWU members pay for college education since 1970.

The Quill scholarships are worth $4,800 each, paid over a four-year period, for use at any accredited four-year college. In addition to the 15 Quill Scholarships, five other grants of $2,400 were awarded by Union Benefit Planners, an employee benefits consulting firm, to children of transit, air and rail division members.
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Transport Workers Union of America President, James C. Little was one of two labor union presidents and 16 other principle officers of various organizations including Amtrak participating in a discussion on “Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure” with the Senate Democratic Caucus on May 25, 2011. The dialogue focused on job creation, the impact of budget cuts on infrastructure and investing in the American infrastructure.

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A judge has blocked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip public workers of their basic collective bargaining rights because politicians used illegal, anti-democratic tactics to get it passed. 

The decision by Judge Maryann Sumi of Dane County Circuit Court found that Republican politicians violated open meetings laws in their attempt to ram the bill through the legislature. Sumi said that Republican backers of the bill failed to give the public adequate notice and failed to demonstrate that the legislation was of high enough priority to avoid rules of openness and transparency.
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We Are Ohio, the coalition working to overturn SB 5, the law signed by Governor Kasich that would all but eliminate collective bargaining for 350,000 public sector workers, reported last week that they have already collected 214,399 signatures.

This is good progress, as we are just about halfway to the June 30 deadline to collect the more than 231,000 valid signatures of registered voters we need to place a “Citizens’ Veto” referendum on the November ballot.
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The TWU Workers’ Rights are Human Rights team in Nevada has raised the activist bar for the rest of the country.  To kick off their week, TWU activists in Nevada gave new meaning to “on the ground” organizing, pitching a tent in solidarity with students protesting Draconian public education cuts.

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Letter from ATD Director Garry Drummond:

I thought I would take a moment and thank all of our TWU AMTs at American Airlines and American Eagle on this AMT Day. Today’s Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are aviation’s unsung heroes and heroines. AMTs have a responsibility to provide a safe aircraft for passengers and flight crews. Without them, there would be no aviation industry. Yet, they essentially go unrecognized and under appreciated, not only by the public, but by others within the industry.
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For 40 years Amtrak has provided travelers with rail service between cities and towns across the U.S., but the publicly run company has faced challenges of underfunding, threats of privatization and changing management, which has created a turbulent environment for Amtrak workers, according to an article in Progressive Railroading that features TWU International Rail Director Gary Maslanka.

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Outsourcing aircraft maintenance to overseas facilities with low pay, little oversight and minimal training is a threat to decent union jobs in the U.S. and a safety concern for the flying public, according to a recent investigative report by KIRO 7 Eyewitness News in Seattle, WA.

The report, Third-World Mechanics Paid $2 Per Hour For Boeing, Airbus Jet Repairs, found extensive aircraft repair work being done for major U.S. airlines, such as U.S. Airways and Southwest, in Central America and Asia. And why? Cheap wages.
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While Southwest Airlines shareholders were inside company headquarters in Dallas, TX on May 18 holding their annual meeting and discussing executive bonuses, members of TWU Local 550, who are dispatchers at Southwest, rallied outside for a new contract that recognizes their years of hard work.

A group of Local 550 members and fellow TWU members held an informational picket to spread the message that dispatchers deserve some “LUV” and want a contract that provides decent wages and working conditions.
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For forty years Amtrak has provided travelers with rail service between cities and towns across the U.S., but the publicly run company has faced challenges of underfunding, threats of privatization and changing management, which has created a turbulent environment for Amtrak workers, according to an article in Progressive Railroading that features TWU International Rail Director Gary Maslanka.

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TWU is taking a lead role in organizing this day of activism, education and music will serve as a kick-off for a larger, sustained campaign to organize working people from all backgrounds and walks of life to take action in meaningful, effective ways that make a difference in the lives of all Floridians.

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On May 12 the streets of the New York City financial district rang with the chants of 20,000 people including transit workers, teachers, students and community activists who disrupted the normal work day to tell the big banks to pay up and stop the cuts to public services.

The vibrant and diverse crowd represented all walks of life in New York and was a collective expression of outrage with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed city budget that would make huge cuts while the biggest and richest banks and investors in the world dodge taxes and rake in billions of dollars in profits. Over 36 unions and community organizations came together to organize the event and build a unified front against the proposed budget and soaring inequality.
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Increasing levels of air traffic with limited operational air space and a grossly inefficient analog radar system designed for the 20th century has made the already demanding job of directing air traffic much more challenging for pilots, flight dispatchers and air traffic controllers.

Thus, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry professionals are diligently leading development of the NextGen guidance technology, a comprehensive overhaul of the National Airspace System that would replace radar-based guidance with digital satellite systems that use GPS.
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Anti-worker governors from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who were attending a right-wing conference on privatizing education in Washington, DC on May 9 were met by hundreds of protestors who oppose drastic budget cuts and plans to decimate public education.

Chanting “Save Our Schools” and “Say No To Vouchers,” students and teachers from Pennsylvania traveled to the nation’s capital and joined fellow community activists and union members in a rally outside of the downtown DC hotel where Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett were speaking. The conference was sponsored by the mis-named American Federation for Children, actually a conservative organization funded by right-wing billionaires like the Koch Brothers to advance the attacks on the middle-class.
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Local 542 members who are flight dispatchers at Alaska Airlines ratified a new four-year contract that provides wage increases and quality of life improvements.

A large majority of the 36 dispatchers, 86 percent, voted to accept the contract that will mean wages keep up with the increasing cost of living and workers have provisions to ensure a decent job.
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The lively crowd on the steps of the Pennsylvania state capitol in Harrisburg on May 3 broke out into chants of “We Are One” as thousands of Pennsylvanians told Republican Governor Tom Corbett and conservative legislatures that the state budget cannot be balanced on the backs of workers, students and the poor.

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TWU Locals are leading the charge to repeal union busting Senate Bill 5 in Ohio by petitioning to put the legislation on the ballot for a public referendum.

After Republican Governor John Kasich and his anti-worker allies rammed the bill through the state legislature, union members, progressives, clergy and middle class Ohioans responded by mobilizing to overturn the unpopular bill by putting it on the ballot for the voters to overturn.
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