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A semi-truck stuffed with petitions delivered nearly 1.3 million signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State on June 29 in order to put union busting SB 5 up for a citizen’s veto. Thousands of Ohioans marched through the streets of the capitol in the People’s Parade to deliver the signatures, which were over five times the number needed to get the bill on the ballot for a public referendum.

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The Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund awarded its sixth annual Bert and Annabel Seidman Prize for Advancing Social Policy to National Labor College (NLC) student Gary Schaible, Vice President of TWU Local 565.

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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is taking an important step to make union elections fairer by proposing changes to speed up the often delayed and difficult election process, but the changes still fall short of fundamental labor law reform that American workers need to fully exercise their voice on the job.

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Transit workers and riders scored a victory in New York when the State Legislature passed a bill that prevents funding dedicated to public transit from being raided, which will help prevent fare hikes, service cuts and layoffs, especially at the MTA in New York City.

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The House recessed for the July 4 holiday without holding the mock mark-ups of the three trade agreements they had threatened, to show their displeasure with the Administration for not sending them for Congressional approval. In session this week, the Senate has several noncontroversial nomination hearings to go through, thanks to an agreement struck by Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an effort to dispense with at least some of President Obama’s political appointees in an otherwise gridlocked confirmation process.

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Inside the atrium of the Ohio state capitol in Columbus on June 1, workers, transit riders, community advocates and civil rights leaders gathered for a townhall style discussion about how transportation policy can foster equity, justice and economic opportunity in Ohio and across the country.

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Workers in Illinois are mobilizing to stop a bill in the Illinois legislature that would eliminate collective bargaining for thousands of public workers. This is just the latest threat to workers’ rights and the middle class that is spreading across the country. 

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Unions are challenging the Wisconsin law that eliminates collective bargaining for public workers by filing suit in federal court to have the law blocked.

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, June 15 to uphold Governor Scott Walker’s union busting law that strips public sector workers of their collective bargaining rights, but people in Wisconsin and across the country are ramping up efforts to stop the anti-worker agenda.

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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Due to the disability retirement of International Administrative Vice President, Susan Resch, the TWU International Executive Council, at the IEC meeting on June 7, 2011, endorsed International Vice President and Railroad Division Director, Gary Maslanka to fill the remainder of the vacated term, as outlined in the TWU Constitution Article VII.

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American workers have a word for the Governors across the country who are attacking workers’ rights- you have disrespected our communities and we are united in stopping this affront to democracy and human rights.

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While Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other anti-worker politicians were inside the Newseum in Washington, DC holding a private townhall meeting about slashing the budget and ending Medicare, a crowd of workers, seniors and young people gathered to defend Medicare and hold the politicians accountable for their disastrous proposals.

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In the airline industry, we like to fix our problems on the ground. Tow trucks can’t help at 30,000 feet.

Mechanics and other ground workers employed at U.S. airlines take great pride in making the U.S. air transportation system the safest and most reliable in the world. Airline workers have a very personal stake in doing things right—our families fly on the planes we fix.

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Thousands of people crammed the Central Florida Fairgrounds on Saturday to learn how to unite and fight for the future of their state. The festival included booths set up by 40 different organizations, and multiple workshops, teach-ins, skill sharing sessions, rides and live music.

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