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An estimated 1 million workers will lose their jobs in one year if Congress does not pass a clean extension for the Surface Transportation and for the Federal Aviation Administration bills said President Obama today during his press conference on America’s infrastructure. 

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Building on the success of the inaugural AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit last year, hundreds of young workers, activists and leaders will come together Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Minneapolis for the Next Up Young Workers Summit. This Next Up gathering of young workers is part of the AFL-CIO’s long-term outreach to workers 35 and younger.

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Nine Local 234 members, who work at the Hyundai-Rotem Co. railcar production facility in Philadelphia, have successfully won back-pay and reinstatement for being discriminated against by management as union members.

TWU Local 234 members were victorious on Aug. 10 after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) approved a settlement, brought by Local 234, of unfair labor practice charges against the Hyuandai Rotem and Philadelphia L.L.C. as well as more time to negotiate a labor contract. 
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A U.S. delegation of labor leaders, led by Transport Workers Union International Administrative Vice President John Conley, met with Japanese government officials at their embassy in Washington, D.C. on August 16th. 

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TWU Workers’ Rights are Human Rights activists from around the country joined forces with other labor unions and allies to help with the get out of the vote efforts leading up to the historical August 9 recall elections in Wisconsin.

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Rep. John Mica (R-FL), Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, received an unexpected, but sizzling,Texas reception at the Marriott Hotel in Houston on Aug. 11 while attending a fundraiser hosted by the I-69 Alliance Group. As a possible coincidence, just two doors down from Mica’s location, the Exxon/Mobil “big wigs” were meeting as well. Adjoining rooms perhaps?

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They attacked the working class, gave corporations tax cuts, eliminated collective bargaining and slashed funding for education while ignoring the needs of the people, such as affordable health care and good jobs. They are the governors of nine states across America nominated for Worst Governor Ever. 

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Military veterans from the Air Transport Division met Aug. 9 and10, in Hurst, Texas. The Veterans Committee members began their quarterly meeting by honoring their outgoing officers; Chairman Thom Lee, Local 565; Recording Secretary Jenni Proctor-Timms, Local 514; and Vice Chair Paul Mazarra, Local 530. Lee and Mazarra (retired) were unable to attend, but each officer received a plaque thanking them for their dedication and leadership.

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Following a tumultuous week of early recess that ended in an emergency FAA extension, both chambers of Congress are out of session until the evening of September 7. While back in their home districts, many will be meeting with constituents and hosting town hall meetings. Stay tuned for more news regarding actions you can take during this August recess to keep your legislators accountable!

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that he had reached a deal with other Congressional leaders to end the FAA shutdown and get America’s aviation system back to work. This agreement comes after nearly three weeks of gridlock, during which the US government lost over half a billion dollars in revenues while 4,000 FAA employees were furloughed and 70,000 airport construction workers were told to go home.

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While the nation and the news media have largely been focused on the debt talks, and everyone hopes for a soft landing, the GOP has demonstrated how far they’re willing to go if their demands are not met: They’ve crashed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Everyone’s attention will be tuned to the deal reached to extend the nation’s debt ceiling this week. After several weeks of partisan stand-offs and failed attempts at compromise, President Obama and leaders from both parties have agreed to a plan that will get America through the 2012 elections before having to approach the topic again.

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