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On Thursday, Local 100 members, along with its transit allies and other union members, took a stand against New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) recently proposed contract demanding cutbacks and concessions.

As the night sky fell over them, members lit up 2 Broadway outside the NYCT Headquarters as they stood along side their brothers and sisters, political figures and labor allies with signs reading “The Bleeding Stops Here! Take a Stand.”

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in a news conference proclaimed his party’s intentions of voting down a measure passed last week by the Senate. The Senate voted in a bipartisan fashion (89-10) to extend payroll tax cuts and some unemployment benefits, yet the House is once again holding the American middle class hostage by not approving extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits for those that have the unfortunate circumstance of losing jobs in this dire economy.

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This week may be the last that Congress is in session before the holidays, but only if they finish the important work before them. The House of Representatives is slated to vote on an unemployment insurance bill that slashes benefits, coupled with a provision to keep the Keystone XL Pipeline project alive under the auspices of creating jobs and is expected to pass on a party-line vote. What the Senate would do with it is unclear (though a floor speech from Sen. Durbin (D-IL), the Assistant Majority Leader leans against passing the bill) federal unemployment benefits expire December 31, and action is needed. Later the House will vote on military construction spending, and the defense authorization. In addition to tackling the UI bill, the Senate will also vote on a balanced budget amendment this week.

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Statement by TWU International President James C. Little

The U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee made the right call. Thirty thousand TWU members are critical to the current and future operations of American Airlines and American Eagle. AMR, the parent company of both airlines, has substantial short-term and long-term obligations to TWU members. We have earned a seat on the creditors’ committee as the company goes through a Chapter 11 restructuring.

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AMR, parent of American Airlines and American Eagle, filed for bankruptcy last week even though the company is sitting on $4.1 billion in cash and is able to pay its bills. AMR’s ads in USA Today and the poor excuse for news coverage on network television last Tuesday would lead an average person to conclude that this bankruptcy is no big deal because the planes will still fly, passengers won’t lose frequent flyer miles and for all intents and purposes, business will run as usual.

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Fears about not being able to provide shelter for their families along with the normal every day necessities are echoing amongst the American Airline (AA) TWU members after AA filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 29 which has put contract talks on hold.

TWU members fear layoffs, reduced benefits and pays cuts, all things that will affect how they provide for themselves and their families. Their retirement funds and pensions are now at risk.

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