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Earlier today, I spoke with AMR Senior Vice President Jeff Brundage and told him privately the very same thing we’ve been saying publicly.  TWU is committed to doing all we can to reach a consensual agreement regarding our labor contracts at American Airlines.

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This afternoon the TWU was in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to receive the judge’s ruling on the schedule of the hearing for AMR’s 1113 motion to reject AA’s labor agreements. The court did not set the trial date, but we know the case is moving rapidly. The court did indicate that the union’s responsive pleadings to AA’s 1113 motion are due April 10th.

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After AMR’s 1113(c) filing yesterday, there has been continued action on both sides to reach an agreement. On multiple occasions TWU work groups have met with company negotiators. There has been some progress, slow at times, but the talks are often frustratingly complex. The TWU Negotiating Committee’s and the company continued to exchange proposals and counters today.

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If certain groups have their way with the Surface Transportation Bill workers could be faced with the elimination of pensions

Business lobbyists are trying to get language implemented into the Surface Transportation Bill (or any highway measure the House passes) to receive relief from pension funding requirements. They claim pension funding requirements could possibly have some firms file bankruptcy while the money that is used to make larger pension plan contributions could create jobs instead.

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Statement From James C. Little,TWU International President, on1113 Motion Filed by AMR Today to Reject Labor Agreements at American Airlines:

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We understand that sometime today AMR will file its Section 1113 motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York to reject all seven TWU labor agreements.

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Statement by TWU International President James C. Little On AMR’s Announcement That It Intends to File a Section 1113 Motion Next Week.

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On Friday, March 23 people will gather on Washington Place and Green Street in New York from noon to 1 p.m. for the 101st Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Commemoration.

The commemoration is for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that occurred on March 25, 1911 when a fire erupted on the top floors of a shirtwaist factory in a Manhattan that in just 30 minutes would take the lives of 146 workers,mostly young women.

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We’re cautiously optimistic about the plan we saw today for American Eagle, because it presents a viable path for a sustainable business going forward. That’s different than what we saw at American Airlines. American Eagle is moving on two tracks, either to remain a unit of AMR, or to become an independent and competitive company. That’s a good sign.

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Safety and management concerns led the U.S. aviation watchdog to downgrade the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines in 2007 and limit U.S.-bound flights from the Philippines. In 2010, the European Union also blacklisted Philippine carriers.

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On March 10–15, I attended the annual AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting in Florida. This meeting brought together union leaders from across the country and served as a catalyst to address many of the challenges we face as workers in the middle class today. Most importantly, it created the opportunity to  adopt numerous policy statements needed to affect positive change.  Among the topics discussed, "Reaffirming our Commitment to Workers’ Rights," "Restoring Democracy," and "Fixing What is Wrong with our Economy" speaks to the fundamental requirements for the 99% to succeed.

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Edward Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO (TTD), offers the following statement in response to the House FY 2013 budget resolution released by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI): “The Ryan budget resolution released today is the worst for transportation that we have ever seen.

“It not only turns a blind eye toward programs that would create millions of middle-class jobs, help seniors and assist the most vulnerable in American society, it also leaves our transportation system in a state of ruin."

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Ft. Worth, Texas—On Wednesday, March 21, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) will brief the media on AMR’s business plan and changes to working conditions affecting TWU workers at American Eagle. The union also will discuss next steps in the bankruptcy process and actions TWU intends to pursue. The briefing will follow meetings earlier in the day between TWU and managers representing American Eagle and follow-up meetings with TWU leaders and the union’s bankruptcy advisors.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Tier 6 pension proposal would cut retirement benefits by 40 percent by reducing the multiplier used in determining benefits from 2 percent to 1.67 percent; raising the minimum retirement age to 65, excluding all overtime from pension calculations and changing the Final Average Salary calculation period from three years to five years. It would also increase the time needed for vesting from 10 years to 12 years. In addition, it would require new employees to contribute from 4 percent to 6 percent of their salary based on how much they earn.

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There were no scheduled negotiations between the TWU and AMR today. But, in a letter to the NMB late this afternoon, AMR rejected TWUs proffer of binding arbitration. In the letter, Senior VP Jeff Brundage made it clear that AMR would continue to seek consensual agreements with all of its labor groups through the 1113 process.

Next week will be extremely busy for TWU Negotiating Committee’s with American and American Eagle. American Eagle will present its 1113 "ask" to TWU and the other labor unions on Wednesday morning, March 21. AA/TWU Negotiations will resume as scheduled on Monday, March 19, 2012.

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Today, many of the TWU negotiators broke into sub groups to work on their specific issues. There were multiple meetings that went back and forth with the company regarding costing out calculations, as well as discussing specific concessionary items.

Our TWU Benefits sub-committee continued to question the company about its active healthcare proposal. The company indicated that it would have more information for the sub-committee early next week.

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When someone thinks of ”bankruptcy” a vision of individuals unable to pay every day bills because of job loss or crushing school and medical costs often comes to mind. But there is another side to this process that is simply shameful: multi-billion dollar corporations using bankruptcy to walk away from promises made to their workers.

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Today, American Eagle confirmed with TWU leaders that they will begin their Section 1113 process next Wednesday, March 21 at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center at 9:00am cdt. The meeting is for all represented work groups and negotiating committees.

American Eagle CEO Dan Garton will provide an overview of the company’s business plan and the cost savings target that they expect from their labor groups. Following Garton’s presentation the company has scheduled meetings for the remainder of the day to present the detailed 1113 term sheets to all parties.

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The TWU Negotiators met today at Flagship University amid a flurry of media rumors reporting a possible merger with U.S. Airways and American Airlines. There are no facts to substantiate these rumors.

Last week AMR filed for a six month extension for its exclusive reorganization time limit which expires March 28. If the court agrees to the extension it would give them until September 28, 2012 to fulfill their business plan. Requests for extension of the exclusivity period are fairly common and were expected.

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This week’s negotiations have shown some progress. On Wednesday AMR announced they would accept the TWU Negotiating Teams proposal to “freeze” existing defined benefit pension plans. This is a major move forward in these difficult negotiations, but remains subject to reaching consensual agreements with all TWU represented work groups. The TWU website has posted an explanation of advantages to a pension freeze, rather than termination.

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I write on behalf of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), the certified representative for more than 24,000 bargaining unit employees employed at American Airlines. The TWU appreciates the active participation by the National Mediation Board (NMB) in the ongoing seven negotiations between TWU and American pursuant to Section 6, of the Railway Labor Act (RLA), 45 U.S.C. § 156.  

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AMR Drops Demand to Shift Pensions to U.S Gov’t Agency; Backs off Demand for Additional Concessions in Return 

Dallas -- In a major development in the ongoing AMR bankruptcy case, TWU members at American Airlines have won a freeze of current pension plans. 

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Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Director Josh Gotbaum released the following statement today on AMR’s employee letter on pension plans:

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Watch the latest video interviews of TWU members from the Miami area who express their reactions about the bankruptcy and how it affects their future. When AMR filed for bankruptcy in November, the news hit working families like a corporate torpedo. It has now been three months since the dismal news was announced, but TWU members have regrouped, and many locals are moving forward with grassroots plans to help their brothers and sisters through a difficult time. 

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All title groups continued with the bankruptcy negotiations throughout this week. The goal is clear…mitigate the company’s TWU “ask” of over $390 million, including about 9,000 layoffs.
Your Negotiating Team leaders analyze the documents, data and business plans. The various experts retained by TWU, assist them as we bargain at a very rapid pace as required by law. 

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All title groups continued with the bankruptcy negotiations throughout this week. The goal is clear…mitigate the company’s TWU “ask” of over $390 million, including about 9,000 layoffs.

Your Negotiating Team leaders analyze the documents, data and business plans. The various experts retained by TWU, assist them as we bargain at a very rapid pace as required by law. 

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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We are pleased to announce that our two unions have signed an affiliation agreement that creates exciting opportunities for us to build power for our combined 850,000 members and to grow our unions through new organizing. This alliance will enhance our efforts to build a strong progressive movement for change in this country. 

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American Airlines wants to terminate the pensions of 130,000 workers as part of its bankruptcy proceeding. The move would be good for the company's balance sheet, but would it be good for America? 

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