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In another step to further mobilize and strengthen our resolve in the fight for economic and social justice for our members and working people, the Transport Workers Union of America has entered into an agreement with the Transport Workers Union of Australia to form the Trans-Pacific Transport Unions Alliance.

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Two unions that represent airline and transit workers in the United States and Australia said on Wednesday they have formed an alliance in a bid to coordinate activities globally.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

At the meeting of the International Executive Council of TWU on October 23 and 24, important decisions were made that will affect the future of the ATD plan to restructure the M & R Locals at American Airlines so as to successfully cope with the conditions that now prevail at the airline.

The plan was presented in detail to the IEC, along with the economic data and projections that, in our view, establish the need to do the restructuring. However, the IEC determined that, without an adequate opportunity to study, consider and evaluate the comments of the plan submitted by Locals and members, it was unable to properly pass on whether to implement the restructuring plan. As a result of this, the IEC decided that it would appoint a subcommittee that would be given the responsibility of studying and evaluating the ATD plan in light of the comments submitted. The subcommittee will have full power to call upon those who formulated the ATD plan, as well as TWU experts and those who submitted comments both pro and con regarding the plan, to help them in their deliberations.

Download the entire letter and By-Laws here

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Flight Attendants Call for Investigation; Airline Says Flight Attendants Won’t Make 20-Hour Threshold to Earn Health Care – But Each Trip to Mainland and back is 14 Hours

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Local 513 Allied Fuelers negotiators along with TWU International met this week in negotiation openers with the management of Allied Fueling Company.

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by James C. Little
International President, Transport Workers Union

Did you catch the exchanges in the first and second presidential debates where President Obama and Governor Romney discussed their plans for improving our nation’s airports, roads, rails and bridges, mass transit and commercial airlines?

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Gov. Mitt Romney has made his plan for the American worker very clear.

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Rail service and jobs would be on the chopping block under a Romney administration.

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See how selling out American workers and moving jobs to China continues to line Romney's pockets.

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The TTD has launched another site, this time for aviation workers detailing Mitt Romney and President Obama.

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The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and its member unions worldwide will hold a variety of activities from Oct. 7-13 to highlight issues linked to the slogan, "Transport Workers Fighting Back! Organising Globally!"

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The Transport Workers Union of America, which represents aircraft mechanics and other maintenance workers at American Airlines, has launched an investigation into problems related to loose seats on recent flights.

Much of the work related to seat installation on American Airlines’ aircraft has been done by an outside firm, TIMCO, rather than by maintenance personnel employed by the airline.

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