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Thursday night, 20 Rail Car Cleaners employed by Harvard Services Group voted to join TWU Local 229 in Hoboken, NJ. The win marks the Local’s second representation election victory this month, coming on the heels of a yes vote from 47 Car Mechanics at ALL-TECH, also a subcontractor for Hudson-Bergen Light Rail.
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Locals from across Nevada and Arizona joined forces at the NV/AZ State Conference on November 5, 2013. From the outset, the objective was clear: All hands on deck to support our brothers and sisters at Local 721, who work as dealers in Las Vegas casinos.

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In midsummer of 2012, ATD Veterans Committee Recording Secretary Pete Meyer got a call from Local 501 Treasurer Angelo Cucuzza. The son of a Local 501 member, who had just finished boot camp, used the wrong classification of flight pass on his last trip home before being deployed.

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Union members around the country are reeling from health care contribution costs—what Local 291 President Clarence Washington calls “the big gorilla in the room,” in every labor negotiation.

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We’re pleased that an agreement between American Airlines, US Airways and the Department of Justice has been reached.  The DOJ’s actions in recent weeks were the equivalent of hitting a pause button on workers’ wages, benefits and job security.

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Our veterans in the TWU are not only a tremendous source of pride for all union members, but also a source of aid and inspiration to the membership and their communities. Since its founding in 1934, the TWU has had the honor of counting among its membership generations of military veterans, dedicated to the ideals of brotherhood and loyalty, and with a commitment to their brothers and sisters in the military and in our union. Today, on Veterans Day, we thank all of our veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our country and people across the globe, as well as their service to union brothers and sisters after leaving active duty.
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On October 30, locals from all three divisions across Ohio and Michigan convened a meeting of the Ohio/Michigan State Conference, held quarterly. Political initiatives on the table ran the gamut from impending right-to-work legislation in Ohio to a recently introduced transit worker assault bill.
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"This report was prepared by 1114 Committee Counsel to answer questions regarding the 1114 procedure and retiree benefits, and we believe that it should be made available directly to those who have questions or concerns regarding those matters."
On October 21, 2013, the United States Bankruptcy Court overseeing American Airlines chapter 11 bankruptcy case entered an order confirming American Airlines chapter 11 plan.  There has been some confusion about what the confirmation order means for American’s 40,000 plus retirees and their benefits.  The fact is that the entry of the confirmation order will not change all that much for retirees.
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today my thoughts and prayers and those of the TWU family go out to the family of Transportation Security Administration agent Gerardo Hernandez, who was the first TSA agent to be killed in the line of duty. It happened last Friday at Los Angeles International Airport, and by now you all know the story. A young gunman walked into the airline terminal, firing an assault weapon, and specifically targeting TSA employees. He killed Mr. Hernandez and wounded three more before being subdued by police.
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