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The laborers will present a petition with about 30,000 signatures in support of giving raises to workers of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Two board members are expected to push for more service before the group votes on the 2014 budget.

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TWU Local 556 President Audrey Stone co-led a cross-union coalition of flight attendants in a radical campaign to secure funding for the as-of-yet unfinished Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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At Local 100’s annual Mass Membership Meeting on December 14, TWU International President Harry Lombardo delivered a rousing call to action to the assembled crowd of hundreds—preaching renewed unity and an end to TWU’s  support for politicians who don’t deliver. “We need to stop hurting and fighting one another and start to fight the political leadership of this country that is killing the middle class and the working class,” said Lombardo.

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On December 8 and 9, the TWU ATD Veterans Committee co-led the distribution of hundreds upon hundreds of holiday gifts and necessities to wounded soldiers and their families at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. Working since the summer, the committee raised $8,000 and brought in hundreds of donations from TWU locals across the country.

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On December 11, TWU International President Harry Lombardo and International Secretary-Treasurer Alex Garcia went to Miami International Airport to talk face-to-face with members in the ATD, speaking at membership meetings and answering members’ questions in break rooms and at gate houses on the ramp.

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TULSA, Oklahoma - American Airlines and US Airways officially became the world's largest airline Monday. The new company will have nearly 6,700 flights every day and employ more than 100,000 people.

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Dealers at Three Big-Time Casinos Vote to Join the TWU

“Caesars Entertainment is a company that never stops wanting to take from the workforce,” said Gaming Division Director Joe Carbon, who in the last seven months organized 1,150 workers at three Caesars-owned casinos.

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Citrus Connection is a small, privately-owned bus company that services commuter routes in Central Florida. For years, bosses at the company did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted: employees were terminated at will, put on suspension and not contacted for months, and had no avenue to come back to work after any type of discipline.

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In Georgia, Local 527 won an election to represent 53 employees of the Augusta Public Transit system in a landslide 30 to 9 vote on September 26.

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