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Last week, President Obama signed legislation to allow American Airlines’ employees to roll over bankruptcy contributions, also known as equity, into individual retirement accounts without tax penalties. TWU was at the forefront of the effort to introduce and pass this legislation.   
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AAL Making Record Profits and Asking for Pension Relief

Washington, D.C. – The “new” American Airlines is attempting to renege on the legal and binding commitment made during bankruptcy restructuring by sneaking federal legislation through Congress that would let the airline slash its pension contributions. American is going to Capitol Hill to try and secure relief from these commitments during a period of unprecedented profitability one year after exiting bankruptcy and agreeing to the pension funding terms.

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American Airlines’ commitment to future payments of employee pensions was key to gain support of the merger by TWU and other unions.

  • In November 2012, American Airlines’ employee pension plans were frozen during bankruptcy restructuring.
  • Later, US Airway’s merger with American Airlines was endorsed by unions at the airline, without which the merger would not have occurred.
  • TWU and other unions’ support was gained in part by a bankruptcy exit plan in which new management team agreed to a set schedule of future pension contributions to ensure the solvency of the newly frozen pension plans. 
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As part of its work to train and empower local officers, TWU conducted a Secretary-Treasurers' seminar that included hands-on training so that officers can do the local union accounting and reporting work easily. Greeted on the first night by International President Harry Lombardo and International Secretary-Treasurer Alex Garcia, these local officers joined the ranks of over 350 treasurers who have taken this course since 1991.
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Brothers and Sisters, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Q: What is TWU grateful for? A: Your commitment to our great union, your hard work every day on the job, and everything you do to lift up working men and women! 
On Black Friday, we stand in solidarity with Walmart workers! After you wrap up your Thanksgiving meal, add another American tradition to your plate: Walk the picket line and stand up for workers' rights on the job!
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Yesterday, on the eve of a U.S.-European Commission (EC) Joint Committee meeting to discuss the NAI case, 188 House members, led by Reps. Chris Collins (R-NY) and Albio Sires (D-NJ), delivered an unambiguous message to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx: reject it.
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Washington, D.C. – Transportation union leaders from the United States and Europe met today to discuss Norwegian Air International (NAI)’s application for a foreign air carrier permit, which is currently under review by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The American and European labor movements staunchly oppose NAI’s business plan on the grounds that it subverts both Norwegian labor laws and the existing labor provision, Article 17 bis, in the U.S.-EU Open Skies agreement.
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On November 6, the TWU American Airlines / US Airways Presidents Council convened for a meeting to coordinate and strategize for continued effectiveness in negotiations with airline management. The council meeting was held at the TWU office in Washington, D.C. at the request of TWU International President Harry Lombardo. 
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This week, activists from TWU and allied unions representing aviation workers are in Washington, D.C. to oppose a dangerous anti-worker scheme by Norwegian Air International (NAI). If it goes forward, this scheme would hollow out the airline industry and decimate thousands of middle class airline jobs. RIGHT NOW: Stand with your brothers and sisters and tell your representatives in Congress to oppose Norwegian Air International by signing the Collins/Sires letter!
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Today is Day 1 of the TWU Veterans Committee's three-day quarterly meeting, held in Miami, FL and jointly hosted by Local 291 and Local 570 leadership. As with every meeting of TWUVC, the objective is to triage all areas of TWUVC business, assess whether the Committee has met its benchmarks for progress on projects, and determine the agenda for the next three months.
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[November 11, 2014] Today, the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO honors all veterans for their extraordinary service. We thank our veterans for the safety and security that we enjoy every day, and for their many sacrifices in protecting the American way of life. 
TWU is proud to count among our ranks thousands of veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces. These men and women exemplify the courage, commitment and brotherhood that defines the American spirit and champions our freedom to the world.
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A number of heroic MTA/NYCT workers among TWU Local 100's ranks have been nominated for Hometown Heroes in Transit awards, which honor exceptional bus and subway workers. Who are these heroes? Among them is a group of fast-moving MTA trackmen who saved the life of a co-worker about to fall 60 feet to the street from an elevated subway line in Brooklyn, and a 90-year-old subway machinist (and World War II veteran) who makes parts for workhorse trains that were built decades ago.
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Voters Raise Minimum Wage in Five States, Pro-Labor Candidates Win Key Races, Other Gains
It's no secret that the 2014 midterm elections did not yield a pro-labor sea change in American politics. But you won't get a full picture of the pro-worker gains that were made yesterday at the ballot box by listening to pundits on cable news. Among other strides for working men and women, voters in five states approved increases in the minimum wage, voters said yes to paid sick leave in Massachusetts, and TWU-supported Governor-elect Tom Wolf made history in Pennsylvania by unseating incumbent Tom Corbett.
Before we get into the details, a huge thank you to all of our proud TWU members who dedicated their time, energy, and vision to dozens of local and national campaigns, GOTV efforts, and community advocacy throughout the past year. Together, "We Move America" forward!
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As the situation develops, TWU will be posting the most current and useful safety and health informational resources on this page, in addition to hand-distributing them in the field and via individual locals' unique means of communications with members. Brothers and sisters, please bookmark this page and check back for updates.
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This letter was sent on October 27 by International President Harry Lombardo to IAM President Thomas Buffenbarger in response to a letter received by IAM Airlines Coordinator Timothy Klima.
President Lombardo's response sets forth why TWU believes that the October 24th letter violates our joint Association Agreements with IAM, and threatens to undermine the effective implementation of those Agreements.
This is a very serious matter. Members can expect further communications regarding it from the International shortly.
In the meantime, we thank those Local Presidents who have strongly rallied to the defense, both in speech and writing, of the International's unique role in the Joint Associations.
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On Sunday, hundreds upon hundreds of our brothers and sisters, members of Local 234 working for SEPTA—Philadelphia's public transit system—crowded into a Columbus Boulevard meeting hall, unanimously authorizing Local President Willie Brown to take the union out on strike if necessary and throwing their full support behind the local's leadership in this contentious and protracted contract fight.
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On Wednesday, TWU won a National Mediation Board representation authorization election for the 135 flight dispatchers at ExpressJet Airlines, the Atlanta-based regional subsidiary of Delta Airlines. This win marks a definitive end to a bid by PAFCA, the Professional Airline Flight Control Association, for representation of these workers—who have, for three years, been members of TWU Local 542.
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[UPDATED: October 23, 2014] TWU International President Harry Lombardo has called an Ebola safety and preparedness summit meeting of local leadership, International Representatives, and Safety Reps for this Thursday at TWU International Headquarters in Washington, DC. The meeting's three-pronged focus will be 1) centralizing Ebola virus safety and risk information, 2) coordinating local awareness/preparedness efforts, and 3) developing a unified TWU action plan for disseminating accurate and up-to-date information to members.
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Weeks of around-the-clock negotiations with employer National Grid have yielded a major coup for Local 101. Managment was singing to a different tune after more than 1,000 members rallied for a fair contract outside of company headquarters last week. Pending ratification by the membership, the contract settlement will give members close to 14% in wage increases over five years—compare that to the wage freeze demanded by National Grid as late as last Wednesday!
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EXCLUSIVE to Mario Maisonet had his leg amputated after developing a bad infection in his leg from a bug bite in Florida. Before that, he had passed the civil service exam to ditch his MTA bus driver job and become a motorman. He's still on the path.
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TWU Local 101, which represents over 2,500 utility workers at the multi-national energy company National Grid, is ready to take its contract fight wherever it needs to go—starting with the streets, this Thursday outside of company headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.
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REPORT FROM THE LOCAL: Local 2019 members and military veterans Robert Barnes and Dave Cunningham donated flags for each branch of the military, along with the American Flag, to Macedonia Car shop. "It is a constant reminder that there are still men and women fighting for our freedom," said TWU Local 2019 Macedonia Motor Yard Committeeman Nick Cinquepalmi. 
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TWU Local 100 is now the exclusive bargaining representative for Citi Bike workers, after Local 100 President and International Executive Vice President John Samuelsen signed a voluntary recognition agreement with the company on Tuesday night. After a months-long organizing drive—which found broad support among Citi Bike's 200 bicycle mechanics, dispatchers, call center operators and technicians—TWU is in uncharted territory, the first to unionize workers in the growing bikeshare industry.
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550 workers at Global Contact Services' paratransit operation on Northern Boulevard in Queens, NY voted to join TWU Local 100 this weekend. Our newest union brothers and sisters chose TWU by a landslide margin over two other union contenders in the three-way representation election.
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On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we pay tribute to those who lost their lives and to the strength of the American spirit. Amid the horror of that day, 3,000 transit workers—members of TWU Local 100—rushed to Ground Zero, serving as first responders and assisting in cleanup and recovery efforts throughout the days and weeks that followed.
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"On Saturday, August 23, 2014, the TWU Texas/Oklahoma State Conference went to the Houston Food Bank (HFB) to volunteer as a part of our commitment to making a difference in our community through community service. As a state conference, it is important to stay politically active, and make a difference in working families' households." — TX/OK State Conference Chair LaTonia Benoit 
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Over the past few months, TWU has rolled out a program of intensive education and training workshops at our locals across the country. Coordinated and overseen by Education Consultant Robert Wechsler, Ph.D., these focused sessions are tailored to the needs of specific union representatives in each local.
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VIDEO: At its last summit meeting in August, held at the TWU Local 100 union hall in Brooklyn, NY, the TWU Veterans Committee (TWUVC) established a focused plan of action to make national strides on veterans' issues. The midterm elections are upon us, and the TWUVC is in a position to win political victories for veterans — all servicemen, not just TWU members — across the country.

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Washington, DC — Transport Workers Union of America International President Harry Lombardo issued the following statement in response to the US Department of Transportation’s denial of Norwegian Air International’s foreign air carrier permit exemption application.

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On Labor Day, we celebrate our nation's proud tradition of labor activism and the determination and fighting spirit of the American worker. Brothers and Sisters, we — the working class — built this country and are responsible for its continued prosperity. 

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The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) called on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to reject an application for a foreign air carrier permit submitted by Norwegian Air International (NAI). In comments filed yesterday, the unions, representing over 80,000 Flight Attendants, urged the DOT to uphold the strong labor protections outlined in the U.S.-E.U. Air Transport Agreement (ATA) known as Open Skies.
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WASHINGTON—Three years after a failed bid to unionize, flight attendants at Virgin America airlines on Wednesday voted decisively to join the Transport Workers Union.

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In a decisive election vote on Wednesday, the 900 flight attendants at Virgin America chose TWU union membership and a brighter future for themselves and their families. In doing so, they made history at the airline. Until today, Virgin held the distinction of being the largest US air carrier to have an entire workforce completely without union protections on the job.

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Washington, DC — A majority of flight attendants at Virgin America has voted in favor of union representation by the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), the federal National Mediation Board reported today. This is the first work group at the airline to vote for a union. TWU received 430 votes, 58 percent of those voting, compared with 307 who voted against forming a union. The election was conducted between July 16 and August 13 by telephone and Internet and 828 Inflight Team Members (ITMs) were eligible to vote.

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In a move that will lead to joint contract negotiations for more than 30,000 members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and Transport Workers Union (TWU), the two unions today jointly petitioned the National Mediation Board (NMB), asking it to declare that post-merger American Airlines and US Airways are now operating as a single transportation system for employees in the Mechanic & Related, Fleet Service and Stores classifications.

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Today marks Day 2 of the TWU Veterans Committee's three-day conference, taking place at the Local 100 union hall in Brooklyn, NY. The summit aims to unify and empower TWU veterans of the armed forces and support the development of veterans committee groups at our locals across the country. 

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The International Executive Council—upon recommendation of the International Administrative Committee—voted unanimously to place Local 541 and Local 542 into a temporary trusteeship and to suspend all Local 541 and Local 542 officers while we conduct a full investigation of serious wrongdoing, and violations of the International Constitution, federal law and their oath of office.

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This year, 25 sons and daughters of TWU members received college scholarships awarded by TWU International, Union Benefit Planners, Inc., TWU local unions, and Union Plus.

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TWU Local 555 has been engaged in contract negotiations with Southwest Airlines for over 3 years. Despite the fact that the company is making record profits, management wants to negotiate a concessionary contract that would force TWU members to give up many of the benefits and job protections that the Local has earned at the bargaining table since it was chartered 30 years ago.

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On July 10th, Ramp Service Agents at Frontier Airlines in Denver, CO voted decisively to join the TWU. The union organizing campaign at Frontier had been in full swing since December, after workers approached TWU Organizing Director Steve Roberts. Their chief concern became Ramp Service Agents' rallying cry and the official campaign slogan: "We deserve job security!"

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SAN FRANCISCO – Members of Transports Workers Union (TWU) Local 250-A, the union representing San Francisco Muni operators and fare inspectors, have voted to ratify a new three-year contract with the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority (SFMTA).

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Today, TWU International Executive Vice President John Samuelsen and Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division Director Jerome Lafragola brought our union's know-how to the U.S. Department of Transportation's transit assault prevention summit at DOT headquarters in Washington, DC. 
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The Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division held its annual meeting on June 12 and 13 in Philadelphia. The Division-wide meeting of local officers is a forum for open discussion, strategic planning, and solidarity building for a stronger Division across the country.
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[STATEMENT] Victory in Congress for TWU and #DenyNAI Campaign: House Passes Amendment Protecting Fair Competition in the U.S. Airline Industry
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On Monday, TWU Local 250-A members voted 1,198 to 47 to reject a tentative contract agreement with San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). The local, headed by President Eric Williams, represents over 2,000 SFMTA employees in a range of crafts across the MUNI system.
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Today we honor and pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country, as members of America’s armed forces. In Washington, DC — the location of the TWU International union hall — as around our nation, we place wreaths and flags on the graves of the many who gave their lives to protect the American people, our democracy, and our freedom.
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SEATTLE (Reuters) - Flight attendants at Virgin America airlines are seeking a vote on whether to unionize, according to an official at the Transport Workers Union (TWU), in a move that could pave the way for organized labor's latest victory in the airline industry.

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At noon, hundreds of TWU members marched arm in arm with our brothers and sisters at the ATU to Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C., calling on Congress to fund mass transit. 
TWU leadership and rank and file members carried the momentum of the march into dozens of meetings with their elected representatives, in a second day of targeted lobbying on Capitol Hill.
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Transport Workers from 40 States Press for Public Transit Funding at Capitol Rally Tuesday
[MEDIA ADVISORY] Infrastructure Funding is About More Than Roads and Bridges — Mass Transit Projects and 700,000 Jobs in Jeopardy Unless Congress Acts
Speakers including Sen. Sherrod Brown, Rev. Al Sharpton, Reps. Fudge and Bishop along with labor leaders to address crowd in Upper Senate Park on May 20th, noon - 1:30 p.m.
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TWU’s push in the first full day of the 2014 Legislative and COPE Conference was to educate and train TWU members to be effective lobbyists on Capitol Hill and back in their home districts. Members heard from Ed Wytkind, President of the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department, U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL), and Global Trade Watch Executive Director Lori Wallach. In the afternoon, after an intensive overview of TWU’s legislative agenda, members met with their elected representatives on Capitol Hill.

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Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees who run New York City's subway and bus system overwhelmingly voted in favor a tentative contract deal that would provide retroactive pay and boosts in benefits.
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"Tuesday marked a decisive victory for TWU Local 171 and public transit riders in three Michigan communities," said TWU International President Harry Lombardo. Nearly 14,000 Michiganders turned out at the polls to vote ‘yes’ on the only item on Tuesday’s special election ballot—the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority's 0.7-mill tax proposal to expand local transit services. The funding increase will create new TWU-represented union jobs in public transit, bring much-needed bus service to underserved communities, and alleviate dangerous overcrowding.
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Local members of TWU’s Nevada/Arizona/Colorado State Conference got all hands on deck this Easter to pull off yet another in a series of inspiring community service projects—this time to support abused and at-risk children in the care of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City, Nevada.
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In a press conference Thursday with New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and MTA CEO Tom Prendergast, TWU Local 100 President and International Executive Vice President John Samuelsen announced a tentative contract settlement after more than two years of bitterly contentious negotiations with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
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Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, the union-endorsed Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, is taking her message of economic and social justice for working families on the road in our Union’s famous motorcoach—known as the “TWU bus.” Endorsed by the TWU’s Texas State Conference on March 13, Van de Putte kicked off her statewide bus tour on March 30th, in coordination with TWU International and local members of the conference.
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Southwest's jovial corporate culture was always held up as a model but recent negotiations paint the airline in a lesser light. Friction between management and employees threatens to undermine a long-held romantic view of Southwest Airlines. 

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Elected officials stood in solidarity on Tuesday with the Transport Workers Union Local 100 chapter — representing 38,000 active transportation workers and about 26,000 retirees — to demand a restoration of funds to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority budget, instead of the $40 million deduction Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed.

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Washington—The President of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), Harry Lombardo, today announced that the International Association of Machinists (IAM) would have TWU’s full support in its efforts to seek release from the federal National Mediation Board (NMB). Under the Railway Labor Act, airline and railroad workers in the United States must seek “release” or permission to strike from the NMB, the labor agency that regulates airlines and railroads, before taking any job action.

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Out-of-state corporate interests and their allies are going state by state to weaken the middle class by singling out unions and denying our voice on the job. House Bill 1507 and Senate Bill 1034 would prohibit workers from negotiating payroll deductions and silence the voices of middle class Pennsylvanians. The TWU International and your local unions are working in coordination to stop this attack on thousands of TWU families throughout the State. Calling all TWU members in PA: The time to take action is now! Contact your elected representatives today!

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Bob Crow, the fighting leader of the United Kingdom's National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), died unexpectedly early on Tuesday morning at the age of 52. This tragedy comes just weeks after Crow led Tube workers in a successful two-day strike over the London Underground's plan to cut 1,000 jobs by closing the system's ticket offices. TWU mourns the passing of a true working class hero.

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In our fight for justice and dignity for all American workers, it is incumbent upon the Transport Workers Union to stand against any encroachment upon the civil and human rights of working men and women. We support the work of TWU Local 556 in opposing SB 1062 in Arizona and applaud Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of this discriminatory bill.

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Ground Workers Ask: Where’s the LUV?

Members of Transport Workers Union 555 will conduct informational picketing when CEO Gary Kelly comes to Phoenix to meet with employees on February 20th.  Workers are concerned about demands by Southwest Airlines that will compromise customer service and impose unnecessary concessions on workers after the company posted $754 million in profits in 2013. 

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TWU International's top five officers visited members of Local 260 at their shops on Monday, along with Transit Division International Staff. Local 260 represents approximately 2,400 employees of Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority in almost every job title across the public transportation system, from Bus Operators to Welders.

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On Tuesday, TWU International President Harry Lombardo was elected to serve as a Vice President on the AFL-CIO Executive Council at the Federation’s Executive Council Winter Meeting. Composed of union leadership from across the AFL-CIO, the Council marshals the collective force of the American labor movement to support working families.

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Casino dealers at Paris Las Vegas, Bally’s and Harrah’s voted 342 to 27 late Tuesday to approve the five-year deal, which retains grievance procedures, seniority rule and paid time off, among other issues, according to a union official.

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Card dealers at three high-end Las Vegas casinos voted by a 13-to-1 margin to ratify their first TWU-negotiated contracts with employer Caesars Entertainment on Tuesday. These are first-time contracts that will set an industry standard. The 1,300 dealers at Bally’s, Paris, and Harrah’s joined TWU Local 721 in back-to-back elections less than a year ago. In addition to the negotiated contracts the company is preparing to sign a neutrality agreement and grant the TWU card check at all Caesars-owned casinos in Las Vegas.

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TWU Local 100 lost a hard-working family man when New York City Transit Bus Operator William Pena, 49, was killed in the line of duty early on the morning of February 12, after a stolen truck slammed into his M-14 Manhattan crosstown bus. Pena was taking his bus across 7th Avenue on 14th Street in the Chelsea district when Domonic Whilby, 22, who was drunk, crashed a large truck into Pena's articulated bus.

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Last Tuesday, the United Kingdom's National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) struck the London Underground, bringing the Tube system to a screeching halt. The 48-hour strike was brought on by management's refusal to engage in negotiations with the union after announcing a plan to close every single ticket office throughout the Underground system, cutting approximately 950 jobs.

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The TWU's storied work with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as part of the civil rights movement, was born out of our shared commitment to justice, dignity, and equal treatment for all Americans. Every year in January, TWU honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by taking part in community service projects and engaging with our brothers and sisters from labor unions across the country at the AFL-CIO’s Civil and Human Rights Conference in San Antonio, TX.

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Nearly 100 school bus drivers and mechanics with Quality/Brothers bus services who dumped their previous union in March ratified their first contract since joining Transport Workers Union Local 100, approving a seven-month pact by a margin of 65 to 10.
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Dear Brothers:
Some communications have been circulating among TWU members that have led some members to question whether they have received a correct allocation of shares as part of the post-bankruptcy equity distribution to date. However, the model that the communications questioning the distribution is based on incorrect information. The error in that model is that it assumes that the 4.8% of the shares to which TWU is entitled is 4.8% of all AAL shares. Actually, TWU is entitled to 4.8% of the AAL shares allocated for unsecured creditors only.
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TWU State Conferences are the powerhouses where we supercharge our vision, know-how, and coordination. These meetings of local leadership provide a forum for our locals to pool resources, strategize, and grow a dedicated network of activists to confront regional challenges. In the four years since they first convened, our State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country.

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Members of TWU Local 208 and Local 212 served over 4,000 union families at this December’s annual food drive at St. Stephen’s Community House in Columbus, OH. “It rained the whole day,” said Local 208 President Ron Dreyfus. “But we were doing something good. I know I didn't even feel the rain. What I felt was love from the people, the union families. They all appreciated the help that we were giving them. It might be that they could have food for three weeks easy, what we were loading there.”

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