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Following the June IEC meeting, presidents and officers from a number of Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division locals gathered in Chicago to discuss key issues, attend a number of trainings, and continue to build strength and unity within the division.

Transit Division Presidents discussion local issues


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Railroad Division Local 2017 President Matt Conway and his team have reached an agreement for members employed at Union Tank Car in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The five-year agreement provides for 3 percent annual wage increases in the first four years and a 3-1/2 percent wage increase in year five. The agreement also provides members with incremental benefit and pension improvements over the five-year term. Local 2017 members have given the tentative agreement a thumbs-up, and voted to ratify by a nearly two-thirds margin.

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Check out the latest webcast from Local 556: a conversation with key members of the negotiating team who are sitting at the table with Southwest. They’ve been at the negotiating table for two years, and it’s time to land this contract!

TWU Local 556 Negotiation Update from TWU International on Vimeo.

We need everyone's help to spread the word and help Local 556 to land this contract!
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President Lombardo, Secretary-Treasurer Garcia and ATD Director Drummond convened a meeting of the ATD presidents and officers this week in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where the groups learned about local’s histories, took a tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and welcomed an important message on unity, strength and coming together to run strong campaigns and fight for the best contracts. Please stay tuned for more photos and videos from this meeting. 
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Statement of Harry Lombardo, President, Transport Workers Union of America
“In a victory for working people, the House of Representatives today rejected the Fast Track trade package.  The war is not over, but we won a significant battle against a secret trade deal that would export American jobs, undercut labor rights, undermine environmental protections and allow corporations outside the United States to sue state and local governments in a private tribunal if our laws posed a threat to their pursuit of profits.
“TWU will continue to stand up against this unfair trade legislation until we are victorious in this fight.”
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Members took part in a friendly baseball game. Shaking hands afterwards

Local 100’s 2015 Family Day brought together TWU’s transit, rail and air locals and their families for softball, grilling, fundraising and fun. Congratulations to Local 100 for retaining their trophy, and thanks to the local presidents, officers and members who came out, including President Mike Conigliaro of Local 101, President Debra Hagan of Local 252, Executive Vice President Pat Flannery with Local 2001, President Victor Gonzalez and Vice President Angelo Cucuzza with Local 501, and President Joe DelliSanti and Vice President Steve Hamm of Local 229. It was an incredible day of unity for TWU, as members from across our locals and divisions made their way to Coney Island to participate in the tournament. 
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On the heels of the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) certifications of the TWU-IAM Associations at American Airlines, the Fleet Service and Mechanic and Related negotiations committees have scheduled bargaining preparations at the Machinists Union’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Complex in Hollywood, Maryland the week of July 6, 2015.
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On Dec. 1, 2008, Bus Operator Edwin Thomas, a 46-year old father of two, was stabbed to death by a passenger on the B-46 Bus at Malcolm X Boulevard and Gates Ave in New York. He was loved by his co-workers and respected and liked by his passengers.  Local 100 has helped keep his memory alive with annual memorials near the site of his murder, and now, with the help of City Councilman Alan Maisel, there will be a permanent memorial for Edwin Thomas: a street co-named in his honor in the shadow of the Flatbush Bus Depot, home to the B46 Line.
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Local 556's negotiating team was busy at the bargaining table with Southwest on May 26-27. Check out this video update from the team:

TWU Local 556 Negotiation Update from TWU International on Vimeo.

We need everyone's help to spread the word and help Local 556 to land this contract!
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