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February 29, 2016
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Victory for TWU Local 557: Flight Crew Training Instructors at Southwest Airlines Ratify Contract

Members of The Transport Workers Union of America Local 557 ratified a new contract with Southwest Airlines yesterday by nearly 70 percent, with an impressive 90.9 percent of the membership turning out to vote. The agreement provides for structural increases each year, with a 5 percent signing bonus to be paid after ratification. The local represents flight crew training instructors at Southwest Airlines.


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February 26, 2016
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Transport Workers Union Stands with Members Across Airline Industry for Nationwide Day of Action

This Friday, TWU members will join with their brothers and sisters in the airline industry for a nationwide day of action organized by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at airports across the country. Members will come together to protest the issues facing airline workers across all classes and crafts, shedding light on the poverty-level wages, grueling hours, and treacherous conditions they face in what many call “the new fast food industry.”

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February 25, 2016
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NMB Certifies Vote at Allegiant: Flight Attendants Remain TWU United, Invincible
Washington, D.C. – TWU Local 577 proudly remains the union representing nearly 800 flight attendants at Allegiant Air, reaffirmed today by a majority of those voting, as certified by the National Mediation Board. Fighting back against a coordinated union-busting campaign and smear tactics waged by employer-supported front groups, Allegiant flight attendants banded together to ensure they remain represented by TWU, the union that’s ready to fight for them at the bargaining table. 
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We continue to receive questions concerning the American Airlines equity lawsuit. The latest update is below:
The appeal by plaintiffs in the Demetrius lawsuit is still pending:  the U.S. District Court ordered the dismissal of this case, in which plaintiffs challenge TWU’s Equity Distribution Plan; and plaintiffs have appealed the Court’s order to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case has not yet been scheduled for argument, nor have judges been assigned to the case. 
TWU will communicate with you as soon as there is any further development in the appeal. Please be sure to download the TWU App and sign up for notifications to get the latest updates on this and all things TWU-related.
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In a victory for TWU members at Local 721, an appeals court reversed a ruling that allowed Wynn Las Vegas to pool its dealers’ tips and distribute them among other workers at the casino. The unfair tip-pooling policy was the original straw that broke the camel’s back and caused the dealers to unionize and join TWU back in 2008. 
Although the court sided with the dealers—who could potentially regain the tips and receive double damages, according to the plaintiff’s attorney—the casino has the right to appeal and is mulling over its next steps. Read the entire story.
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Members of TWU Local 100 were among those honored by the New York Daily News on Tuesday as “Hometown Heroes” at the newspaper’s fourth annual awards ceremony. TWU knows what these men and women do on the job every day, often going above and beyond to keep the city moving and the riding public safe. TWU International Executive Vice President and Local 100 President John Samuelsen was one of the judges on the panel that determined the awards for the MTA employees. “Transit workers really are the unsung heroes of New York City; we’ve proven it time and time again,” said Samuelsen, citing the January blizzard “where we dug out miles of track by hand” to get the system up and running for commuters. Congratulations to all the honorees and to our brothers and sisters across the country who every day, keep America moving! Watch a video from the event. Read the full story


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February 19, 2016
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In a Close Vote, Ground Workers Approve New Contract with Southwest Airlines

New labor agreement includes 20 percent wage increase, first raises in five years
for many ramp workers at highly profitable airline

DALLAS—After a five-year, often difficult contract battle, Transport Workers Union Local 555, the union representing 12,000 ground crew workers employed by Southwest Airlines, announced today that union members narrowly voted to approve a tentative agreement with the airline. TWU members by a close margin, 50.4 percent (4,703) cast “yes” votes, and 49.6 percent voted “no” (4,628), out of 11,073 eligible. Electronic voting began February 4 and concluded earlier today. Ballots were tallied this afternoon in Dallas.


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As previously reported, at a hearing in November, TWU presented a major segment of its grievance regarding American Airlines’ plans for disposition of the employer matching contributions which the company made on behalf of TWU-represented employees. At that hearing, the union believes it demonstrated that American violated its collective bargaining agreements.
TWU has filed a post-hearing brief, stating “that the aspect of TWU' s grievance that alleges that American violated the CBAs by not allowing post-October 31,2012 retirees to draw down from the Company’s matching contributions … to partially pay for their post-retirement health care coverage should be sustained." The post-hearing brief was filed on Jan. 22, 2016.
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Taking on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio yet again, TWU Local 100 recently dealt a blow to the mayor’s latest anti-worker scheme: attempting to ban pedicab drivers from operating below 85th Street, which includes areas of Central Park. The misguided legislation would have destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of workers, many of whom are immigrants, by keeping them away from the most heavily traveled—and therefore more lucrative—sections of the park.

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The TWU-IAM Fleet Service and Mechanic & Related/Stores Negotiating Committees met this week in Baltimore, Md. and continued joint contract negotiations with American Airlines. Download this communication

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Update: Read the thank you letter from Local 555

Those were the words of gratitude from a TWU Local 555 member who, along with over 100 co-workers, was suspended not long before Christmas.

As previously reported, Southwest Airlines issued unpaid suspensions ranging from 45 to 90 days to 105 Local 555 members in December, alleging they participated in “illegal job actions.” The alleged “illegal job actions” were actually regional union meetings that took place in Southern California and Orlando, Fla. to discuss options under the Railway Labor Act.

Following the suspensions, several Local 555 members suddenly found themselves facing the holidays with no income.


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