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This week, the Supreme Court officially deadlocked in the Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association case, effectively allowing the lower court’s decision in the case to stand. It was a victory for organized labor, but only a temporary reprieve from other harmful anti-worker cases making their way through the judicial system.


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Everyone in the transportation industry breathed a sigh of relief when the president signed the FAST Act (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) into law at the end of last year.

But did you know what a pivotal behind-the-scenes role TWU members played to get the bill passed? In a video that debuted at the recent Legislative and Political Conference, the IAC, division directors and other TWU leaders, officers, and members detail the union's effort to secure much-needed transportation funding after a decade of short-term fixes by Congress.

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Sisters and brothers,

The Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met with American Airlines the week of March 21 in Dallas. Updates from both committees are below. Download M&R/Stores update   Download Fleet Service update

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Local 2015 members in front of a banner honoring James Riley  

On a cloudy Saturday in mid-March, TWU Local 2015 paid tribute to the late James Riley, former president of the local, during the 41st annual Wilmington, Del., St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Brother Riley died unexpectedly last April and the local and his family felt that honoring his memory in the parade would be a fitting tribute to his Irish roots. First elected as Vice President in 1978, Brother Riley served as Local 2015 President from 1984 until his death.


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In a letter sent to the Senate committee considering the FAA reauthorization bill, TWU International President Harry Lombardo called on Congress to tighten oversight of foreign repair stations working on U.S. commercial aircraft.
“Under current regulations,” the letter said, “Aircraft mechanics working in the U.S. are subject to various drug and alcohol screening to ensure their ability to perform safety-sensitive repairs. Yet employees working at repair stations located abroad are exempt from this requirement despite the fact that they work on the same U.S. aircraft and at repair stations certified by the FAA.”


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TWU expresses its deepest sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attack in Brussels today, and stands in solidarity with their families. Our thoughts are with all the people of Belgium and we thank the brave workers on the front lines of transit and aviation security. Every day across the world, our brothers and sisters working on trains, buses, and planes are often our first line of defense against terrorism, and we must continue to do all we can to protect them, along with the traveling public.


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The Senate Commerce Committee passed an FAA bill last week after several amendments were adopted, including:

  • A ban on cell phone use during flight.
  • A ban on knives in airplane cabins.
  • Flight attendants must receive training to combat human trafficking.
  • FAA must review aircraft evacuation standards.
  • FAA must issue a flight attendant Fatigue Risk Management Plan. (The House bill included a stronger bipartisan provision that required 10-hours minimum rest between duty periods.)
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Sisters and brothers,

The TWU-IAM Association Fleet Service Negotiating Committee and American Airlines continued joint contract negotiations this week in New York. Your committee exchanged proposals with the company regarding the following contract articles:


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This week President Obama fulfilled his Constitutional duty by nominating Merrick Garland, a chief federal appeals judge, to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Speaking at TWU’s legislative and political conference last week, International President Harry Lombardo made the connection between the Supreme Court, the 2016 election, and what it means for working people.
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CONTACT: Ori Korin, (202) 374-6103
A coalition of unions representing more than 4,000 rail workers on New Jersey Transit announced a tentative deal late Friday night in a massive victory for TWU members, who had been working without a new contract since 2011.
Bargaining for higher wages and to protect their benefits, the union was prepared to strike as early as this weekend had a deal not been reached.


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Sisters and Brothers,

The Mechanic & Related/Stores negotiating committee met with American Airlines this week in Washington, DC. Contrary to the message being delivered by management returning from the leadership conference in Dallas, your committee has not received any proposals related to compensation. Download this communication

The Fleet Service negotiating committee will be meeting next week.


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On March 9, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee released a draft of the FAA reauthorization bill, which lays out the policy and laws for the aviation sector.
This legislation includes some TWU-supported provisions but doesn’t have everything we have called for. Oversight of foreign aircraft repair stations would be increased but there is no language banning mobile phone use on airplanes. Fortunately, there is no air traffic control reform language; the system would remain federal.
The Commerce Committee will mark up the proposal March 16, which will provide an opportunity to make amendments. Senate floor action may happen sometime in April. The House of Representatives must also pass an identical bill before it gets sent to the president.
Visit our new FAA page to read the highlights.


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Remember the fun you had with your G.I. Joes, Barbies and Star Wars play sets? In the third of our Voter Registration Campaign videos, you’ll find the civic duty of voting can be just as much fun! Be a real American voter! Watch and share our video #TWULegCon
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Another of our Voter Registration Campaign videos has just been released! Through the years, there have been some great films about the American political process: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Primary Colors, All the President’s Men. But none of those even come close to a new movie premiering this spring, co-produced by TWU. We were able to get our hands on a trailer for the film, just in time for this legislative conference. Can an average American harness the power of the voting booth and go “Back to Election Day”? Please enjoy and share this special preview with #TWULegCon
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Straight from the 2016 Legislative and Political Conference, the first of three TWU original videos! These fun, social media friendly videos, are all part of TWU’s Voter Registration Campaign. Share with the hashtag #TWULegCon. Up first, “Vote For Me.” Are politicians asking for your vote for themselves or for your best interests? Can a bright, shiny object distract TWU members from the real issues? Watch and share the video.
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The TWU-IAM Mechanic & Related/Stores and Fleet Service Committees met with American Airlines this week in Texas to continue contract negotiations. The TWU-IAM Association is the largest union at American and your negotiating committees remain in solidarity to provide the membership with exceptional contracts for all workgroups. Reports from both committees are below.  Download Mechanics & Related Stores    Download Fleet Service

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An arbitrator has denied TWU's grievance regarding distribution of the contributions American Airlines made to match employee contributions to their prefunding accounts. TWU is reviewing the arbitrator’s decisions to determine the union’s next steps. "Nothing in this Opinion, however, should be read as concluding that the Company’s obligation to distribute the matching funds has somehow been extinguished. The finding herein is limited to the observation that there exists no current obligation to do so," concludes the ruling. Read the memo from TWU's General Counsel.   Read the arbitrator’s full ruling



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TWU is joining other members of the NJ Transit Rail Labor Coalition to rally for public transportation support. If you’re in New York or New Jersey, take some time on Saturday to show solidarity with other unions and rail and transit workers in Woodbridge, N.J.! Details here
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