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TWU expresses its deepest sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attack in Brussels today, and stands in solidarity with their families. Our thoughts are with all the people of Belgium and we thank the brave workers on the front lines of transit and aviation security. Every day across the world, our brothers and sisters working on trains, buses, and planes are often our first line of defense against terrorism, and we must continue to do all we can to protect them, along with the traveling public.


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This week President Obama fulfilled his Constitutional duty by nominating Merrick Garland, a chief federal appeals judge, to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Speaking at TWU’s legislative and political conference last week, International President Harry Lombardo made the connection between the Supreme Court, the 2016 election, and what it means for working people.
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Remember the fun you had with your G.I. Joes, Barbies and Star Wars play sets? In the third of our Voter Registration Campaign videos, you’ll find the civic duty of voting can be just as much fun! Be a real American voter! Watch and share our video #TWULegCon
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Another of our Voter Registration Campaign videos has just been released! Through the years, there have been some great films about the American political process: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Primary Colors, All the President’s Men. But none of those even come close to a new movie premiering this spring, co-produced by TWU. We were able to get our hands on a trailer for the film, just in time for this legislative conference. Can an average American harness the power of the voting booth and go “Back to Election Day”? Please enjoy and share this special preview with #TWULegCon
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Straight from the 2016 Legislative and Political Conference, the first of three TWU original videos! These fun, social media friendly videos, are all part of TWU’s Voter Registration Campaign. Share with the hashtag #TWULegCon. Up first, “Vote For Me.” Are politicians asking for your vote for themselves or for your best interests? Can a bright, shiny object distract TWU members from the real issues? Watch and share the video.
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In a victory for TWU members at Local 721, an appeals court reversed a ruling that allowed Wynn Las Vegas to pool its dealers’ tips and distribute them among other workers at the casino. The unfair tip-pooling policy was the original straw that broke the camel’s back and caused the dealers to unionize and join TWU back in 2008. 
Although the court sided with the dealers—who could potentially regain the tips and receive double damages, according to the plaintiff’s attorney—the casino has the right to appeal and is mulling over its next steps. Read the entire story.
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Update: Read the thank you letter from Local 555

Those were the words of gratitude from a TWU Local 555 member who, along with over 100 co-workers, was suspended not long before Christmas.

As previously reported, Southwest Airlines issued unpaid suspensions ranging from 45 to 90 days to 105 Local 555 members in December, alleging they participated in “illegal job actions.” The alleged “illegal job actions” were actually regional union meetings that took place in Southern California and Orlando, Fla. to discuss options under the Railway Labor Act.

Following the suspensions, several Local 555 members suddenly found themselves facing the holidays with no income.


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Cover of TWU Express announcing Mike Quill's death in Jan. 1966  
Fifty years ago today, just days after leading a successful transit strike that brought New York City to its knees, TWU’s founder and fiery leader Michael J. Quill passed away.
While commemorating the anniversary of his death, TWU members honor Quill's legacy every day by fighting against discrimination, improving workplace policies and protections, and standing up for working men and women who are striving to reach the American Dream.
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