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In a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx today, TWU joined other unions in the AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department in urging the secretary to issue a rule to protect bus drivers and other transit operators from physical assault.

The letter, signed by International President Harry Lombardo and seven other union leaders, points out the gravity of the situation and the growing threat to transit operators regardless of where they work: cities, suburbs or even rural communities.


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President Lombardo speaking at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO convention  

International President Harry Lombardo addressed the 42nd Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention today, speaking on the theme of “Solidarity is Power.” President Lombardo is joining both of the Democratic presidential candidates and other union leaders in Philadelphia this week and addressed the more than 700 delegates this morning.

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Quill Scholarship committee

President Harry Lombardo is proud to award this year’s Michael J. Quill Scholarships to several deserving students. Since 1970, TWU International has held an annual drawing to provide college tuition assistance to the deserving children of hard working TWU members.

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