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Remember the fun you had with your G.I. Joes, Barbies and Star Wars play sets? In the third of our Voter Registration Campaign videos, you’ll find the civic duty of voting can be just as much fun! Be a real American voter! Watch and share our video #TWULegCon
Read more>> March 09, 2016
Another of our Voter Registration Campaign videos has just been released! Through the years, there have been some great films about the American political process: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Primary Colors, All the President’s Men. But none of those even come close to a new movie premiering this spring, co-produced by TWU. We were able to get our hands on a trailer for the film, just in time for this legislative conference. Can an average American harness the power of the voting booth and go “Back to Election Day”? Please enjoy and share this special preview with #TWULegCon
Read more>> March 08, 2016

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A number of heroic MTA/NYCT workers among TWU Local 100's ranks have been nominated for Hometown Heroes in Transit awards, which honor exceptional bus and subway workers. Who are these heroes? Among them is a group of fast-moving MTA trackmen who saved the life of a co-worker about to fall 60 feet to the street from an elevated subway line in Brooklyn, and a 90-year-old subway machinist (and World War II veteran) who makes parts for workhorse trains that were built decades ago.
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