5 Reasons to Join A Union

• Working together, union members have the strength to win better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement and safer workplaces.

• The union advantage is substantial. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, union members are much more likely to have health benefits and pensions.

Bar Graph showing union members earn more money• In addition to helping workers win better wages and benefits, unions help all workers by giving working families a stronger voice in your community and in the political arena.

• For people of color and women, the union impact is even greater. Women who are union members earn nearly $9,000 a year more than their non-union counterparts. For African-Americans, the union differential is also about $9,000. For Latino workers, the yearly advantage is more than $11,000. Download a flier reflecting the pay difference. Download the flier in Spanish

• By joining together we can build the strength to hold elected officials accountable, stop the “race to the bottom” by employers who cut wages and benefits in favor of bigger profits, and win improvements such as affordable, quality health care for all.

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Organizing Department Staff

Steve Roberts
Director, Organizing Department

Steve Roberts joined TWU as a Fleet Service Agent working for Pan American World Airways at LAX in 1979, later transferring to Miami. He served as Chief Shop Steward of Local 500—the first local in the TWU’s Air Transport Division—for over a decade before becoming a full-time union representative with the Local in 1992.

As a Rep for Local 500, Roberts represented members in grievance procedures, spearheaded organizing efforts, negotiated contracts, and fulfilled the duties of Secretary-Treasurer.

In 2002, Roberts joined the TWU International staff as an organizer. Over the past decade, Roberts has directed efforts on successful organizing campaigns across every TWU Division. Counted among these drives is Spirit, AirTran (now part of Southwest), Fort Gordon, Fort Lee, Port Canaveral, Lakeland Transit, Collier Area Transit, Wynn Las Vegas, and Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Roberts’ activism is guided by a firm belief that equal rights and representation should be afforded to all employees in the workplace.

He earned his degree in Sheet Metal Repair from George T. Baker Aviation School, and has completed numerous courses in labor relations at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies.




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