Fact Check: The Truth About Hillary Clinton

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What does Hillary stand for? She stands for...

Expanding Collective Bargaining Rights. Hillary Clinton has endorsed new rules for the economy that would enable millions of working people to form and join unions and bargain for better wages and benefits. She has also pledged to protect workers from wage theft, misclassification schemes, and illegal union busting. (TWU 2016 Presidential Questionnaire)

Protecting Workers’ Rights. Hillary Clinton believes in the fundamental right of working people to join unions to negotiate together for better wages and working conditions, and she opposes right-to-work and other attacks on workers’ rights. (Washington Examiner, 9/16/15)

Empowering Working People. “When unions are weak and workers lose their voice, and their bargaining power, in comes wage stagnation, inequality grows, and families suffer.” – Hillary Clinton (Speech at AFL-CIO Convention, 4/11/16)

Investing in Good Jobs. Hillary Clinton will create good union jobs by investing billions more in transportation infrastructure and manufacturing. (hillaryclinton.com, 4/1/16)

Support for Airline and Railroad Worker Bargaining Rights. Hillary Clinton pledges to appoint National Mediation Board Members who support collective bargaining and the right to form and join unions. (TWU 2016 Presidential Questionnaire)

Promoting Fair Compensation. Hillary Clinton defended the rights of working people to receive overtime pay and to be fairly compensated for the work they perform. (Senate vote, 5/4/04)

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Find out where Hillary stands on the issues that matter to you:

  • Increase Transit Funding. Hillary Clinton’s plan to spend billions on infrastructure includes massive new investments in public transit. (Hillary Clinton Op-Ed 9/14/08; The Atlantic, 12/1/15)
  • Defending Transit Workers from Privatization. Hillary Clinton opposes reckless privatization of public transit and believes workers should be protected in public private partnerships and other new investment programs. (TWU 2016 Presidential Questionnaire)
  • Transportation Security Threats. Hillary Clinton fought for federal funding increases to protect rail and transit systems from security threats. (Senate votes, 3/15/06, 3/16/07, 6/14/05)
  • Fighting Against Aircraft Repair Outsourcing. Hillary Clinton pushed to level playing field for U.S. airline mechanics when airlines outsource major repairs abroad. (Senate vote, 6/12/03)
  • Enforcing Open Skies Agreements. Hillary Clinton called for rejection of Norwegian Air International’s scheme to serve U.S. markets in violation of trade rules and labor protections. (hillaryclinton.com Press Release, 5.20.16)
  • Investing in our Aviation System. Hillary Clinton is committed to building world-class airports and modernizing our national airspace system so that we can compete internationally. (hillaryclinton.com, 4/1/16)
  • Investing in Amtrak. As a Senator, Hillary Clinton consistently fought for increased Amtrak funding. She knows that Amtrak is an integral part of our nation’s transportation network. (Senate votes, 3//08, 3/05, 3/03)
  • Building High-Speed Rail Network. Hillary Clinton will work to expand high-speed rail across the country because she knows we need “high-speed rail if we’re going to have a competitive economy in the 21st century.” (WUSF News, 3/10/16)
  • Supports Rail Workers on the Job and in Retirement. Hillary Clinton voted for historic legislation modernizing and enhancing railroad retirement benefits. (Senate vote, 12/5/01)
Public Sector Jobs 
  • Empowering TSA Workers. Hillary Clinton fought to expand collective bargaining rights for TSA security screeners through legislation. (Senate vote, 2002)
  • Empowering FAA Employees. Hillary Clinton restored collective bargaining rights for FAA employees through legislation, ensuring that they have a voice in the workplace. (Cosponsor S. 2201, 1/26/06)