What Are TWU State Conferences?

TWU State Conferences are the powerhouses where we supercharge our vision, know-how and coordination. These meetings of local leadership provide a forum for locals to pool resources, strategize and grow a dedicated network of activists to confront regional challenges. Since first convened, the State Conferences have won critical battles and developed strong community and political ties across the country.
More than financial resources, numbers are key in regional battles. “You may have 200 people in your local, but when you join a State Conference, you’ll have 20,000 members with you,” said TWU International COPE Field Staff Representative Terry Daniels. “That’s what the Conference brings—the opportunity for us to stand up and support our brothers and sisters.”
Traditional grassroots activism forms the backbone of State Conference victories. “Knocking on doors, holding signs in the street, making phone calls, talking to your neighbors, going to rallies—that’s what works,” said Daniels. “When we mobilize together and create a grassroots effort to further our political goals, politicians look at our numbers and they start realizing that we act as one. They realize they need to get to know what we believe in, and that if we don’t like what they’re doing, we can vote them out.”


Getting Involved in State Conference Action Projects

Regional actions, projects, and campaigns are the heart of TWU State Conferences. You will hear our State Conference directors say time and again that it’s what happens between meetings that truly creates change in our local communities, in our state legislatures, and on the national level. Join your State Conference in making a difference on the ground!

To get involved, find your state conference.





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