Voter Information

Make sure you know your rights before you go in the voting booth!

Here's what you need to know:

Many states offer same-day voter registration. Unsure if your state offers same-day registration? Check here to find out.

Some states have new voter ID laws. According to the ACLU, 17 states have new voter ID laws in effect, These types of laws include strict identification requirements and more. Check voter ID laws in your state here.

You might be entitled to time off work for voting. Many states guarantee time off to vote on Election Day. You can check if your state is one of them here.

If you need help voting, you're entitled to it. If you or someone you know needs assistance reading or writing English, or needs assistance for another reason, ask the volunteers at your polling place for help. Learn about voter accessibility laws here.

If you're in line before the polls close, you should be able to vote. Even if you don't vote by the time the polls close, everyone who was in line on time is able to vote. If you need help for any reason, call 866-OUR-VOTE.