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To request any steward print publication, including the TWU Steward newsletter, please contact your local leadership directly.

Request the electronic Stewards Weekly Newsletter, our weekly e-publication that outlines useful strategies for union stewards.

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Monopoly card: the problem of free work

Volume 11, No. 6

Back Page: “How Can I Get a Member's Record?"
Workers building a union house "Productive Political Discussions"

Volume 11, No. 5

Back Page: “Why Pay Dues?"
Cover: TV News Anchor "The Importance of Reporting Back"

Volume 11, No. 4

Back Page: “Prevail Through Persistance"

How to run an effective meeting: people sitting around a table

Volume 11, No. 3

Back Page: “Mind Your Words"

Cover of TWU Steward Navigating Family Leave Laws

Volume 11, No. 2

Back Page: “Perils of the Electronic World"

Cover: Silhouetted people. "Member Apathy? No, Look Closer

Volume 11, No. 1

Back Page: “Time: Our Most Import Resource"

Cover says Learn About Labor: movies and books

Volume 10, No. 6

Back Page: “What To Do When You're Blindsided”

Steward Cover "Is There an App for That?"

Volume 10, No. 5 

Back Page: “The Company Rulebook”


Cover of magazine: man pulling a weight
Volume 10, No. 4 

Back Page: “Insubordination: 10 Questions to Ask”

TWU Steward cover Man sitting with pain in back

Volume 10, No. 3

Back Page: “TWU TIP: Probationary Employees"
TWU Steward Cover: Woman sitting on jar of rumors
Back Page: "How to Prepare the Grievant"
TWU Steward Cover: fish with text: Conflicts Over Personal Appearance
Back Page: "How To Listen"

Volume 9, No. 4

Back Page: "TWU Tip: Resolve Issues Early"
Back Page: "Take Notes to Document the Record"





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