Human Rights

TWU has one of the best and strongest histories in the labor movement today regarding rights for all workers. In TWU, equality begins at home. We recognize that barriers still exist which impede the advancement of people in the workplace and in our communities. We work to bring justice and dignity to our members that will carry into their communities.

TWU stands unequivocally opposed to discrimination in employment of any sort, including hiring, promotion, lay-off or any other terms of employment, as well as discrimination in the workplace for race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation, age or disability.

The department plans training programs, workshops, conferences and seminars promoting the goals of the Human Rights Department. We work with the AFL-CIO and its statewide and local central bodies and help develop chapters and membership in recognized constituency groups such as: APRI, CLUW, CBTU, LCALAA, P A W, ARA and others.

We work with our locals to promote education, organizing and the development of women and minorities into leadership roles throughout the union. We need full participation of all TWU members to serve the needs of our increasingly diverse membership.