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  Local 721 members at their annual picnic
  Local 721 members, Las Vegas dealers, at their annual picnic.

In late 2007, hundreds of dealers from the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas stood in line along the famous Strip. They were there to vote “Union Yes,” prompting a revival of TWU Local 721. Quickly, the local flourished into an active base with over 1,200 members, representing employees from Caesars Palace and the Wynn. Local 721 sent a clear, resonating message: “We are here to stay."

Vegas cash hoarders had gone unchecked for too long and hard working dealers, who were tired of being taken advantage of, unionized to let their employers know the abuse was going to end. Management fought the feared collective voice of their workers as the union gathered strength in numbers. Local law firms held a union-busting meeting and a legal battle ensued over Wynn dealers’ lost tips. Wynn Las Vegas was found to be in violation of federal law and a media circus ensued over the scandal. Wynn faced charges on numerous counts under the National Labor Relations Act.

Local 721 was chartered in January 2007 and in 2008, TWU announced the formation of the Gaming Division. Rising from his position as an organizer, Joe Carbon was placed at the head of the new division to guide and direct dealers in pursuit of their best interests.

In 2010 the Local 721 members at Wynn scored a historic victory by securing the first collectively bargained contract for dealers in Vegas, but management at Caesars continues to drag its feet in negotiations. The Local 721 dealers continue to contribute actively to their union through direct action and demonstrations that serve as day-to-day reminders that they are there to continue the fight against their greedy employers.

TWU now represents dealers at Harrah's, Bally's and Paris Las Vegas and continues to hold employers accountable.

Our History |  TWU Fights for Civil Rights |  AirTransit |  Railroad |  TWU Defining Moments




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