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September 1, 2015
TWU Executive Vice President & Local 100 President John Samuelsen and NYC's Corporation Council have signed a legal agreement clarifying the intent of a controversial Vision Zero law that has led to the arrest of six Bus Operators.
The agreement, Samuelsen said, will protect bus operators from being charged criminally after pedestrian crosswalk accidents that are just that – accidents that were not caused by driver recklessness.
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August 10, 2015
TWU is known for its dynamic, impactful video production work, offering our members and the general public an up-close look at the critical work TWU leadership and members do every day, whether it’s out on job sites, performing service in our communities, organizing new members, or taking political action. Our videos are screened at organizing drives, rallies, conferences and film festivals around the country.
This year, TWU Communications Department’s very own Interactive Media Producer Mary Matthews was honored by the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) with six awards and one honorable mention with several of their Labor Media Awards. ILCA is the professional organization of labor communicators in North America; membership is open to national, regional, and local union publications and to media productions affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Change to Win and the CLC, as well as to associate members not affiliated with those bodies. Their several hundred members produce publications with a total circulation in the tens of millions. ILCA amplifies labor’s voice around the world, ensuring the stories of TWU and its members are heard. 
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Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen today announced that the union has come to terms with the management of NYCBS-Motivate on a first-ever union contract for bikeshare workers in North America.
“This is an historic agreement,” Samuelsen said. “It greatly improves the income and benefits of these dedicated workers but just as importantly will lead to better service for bikeshare users. The workers organized and joined TWU last year first and foremost to improve a problem-plagued operation that was being terribly managed and was in jeopardy of failing on the biggest stage. They wanted the clout of the TWU in order to gain a voice in their workplace and help put the company on the road to recovery. Thanks to this contract and new company management, we are all now on that road.”
Update as of July 16:  Bikeshare members have overwhelmingly ratified their first union contract by an 83 percent margin (97-19). 
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