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Local 2017 President Matt Conway and his team have reached an agreement for members employed at Union Tank Car in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The five-year agreement provides for 3 percent annual wage increases in the first four years and a 3-1/2 percent wage increase in year five. The agreement also provides members with incremental benefit and pension improvements over the five-year term. Local 2017 members have given the tentative agreement a thumbs-up, and voted to ratify by a nearly two-thirds margin.

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HEARING: Surface Transportation Reauthorization: Building on the Successes of MAP-21 to Deliver Safe, Efficient and Effective Public Transportation Services and Projects
Watch the full hearing, and read/download President Lombardo's full written testimony.
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TWU International President Harry Lombardo will be testifying before Congress on Thursday, April 23, on the importance of reauthorizing MAP-21, the federal surface transportation funding legislation. This is the first time a president of TWU has been asked to testify before Congress in recent memory.  The hearing can be viewed live by going to http://www.banking.senate.gov/public and clicking on the “Watch Live Hearing” link in the middle of the page (the “Watch Live Hearing” link will only be available once the Committee hearing begins). 
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In case you missed it, earlier this year, Local 2054 President Tommy Murray took a public stand on behalf of commuter rail workers, blasting Keolis, the company that runs it, for dysfunctional and ineffective management during the winter storms. Check out his interview with Fox 25 in Boston.


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All members should have received at their home address an official TWU Membership Survey, along with an important communication from International President Harry Lombardo. Your union is requesting that you fill out the survey in its entirety and return it to TWU.
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The Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division held the first ever Transit Reauthorization Legislation Education and Training Conference on March 9 and 10 in New Jersey. 
There were over 80 participants representing Transit, Air and Rail Divisions from across the country. The conference focused on all aspects of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, a vital piece of legislation that directly affects over 55,000 TWU members and all of the communities that rely on public transportation.
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One of the main goals of our State Conference program is to build relationships with our elected representatives at all levels of government. With that goal in mind, members of our TWU State Conferences visited their U.S. Representatives in their District offices last fall. Each State Conference was equipped with a small video recording device so that all of our TWU members could see our work in action. 
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The TWU International concluded its annual meeting of the International Executive Council (IEC) and International Executive Board (IEB) last week. This critical meeting brings together the TWU International Administrative Council, our union's Executive Council Vice Presidents, the Executive Council and Board, and our International staff for a wide-ranging discussion of all areas of TWU business. In a break from the past, this year's meeting was extended to three days in order to accommodate full discussion of a number of pressing union concerns.
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