Rail Division Staff

Gary Maslanka
Administrative Vice President / Rail Division Director

Gary Maslanka was named Director of the Railroad Division in 2004 and was elected as an International Vice President in 2005. Maslanka’s TWU career began in 1974 when he was hired on as a Carman at Penn Station. ...Read More>>


John Feltz
International Representative

John Feltz has been an active TWU member since 1974, when he started his railroad career in Local 2001 as a Carman on the Pennsylvania Central. In 1976 be became a Shop Stewart and then moved through the various. ..Read More>>


Fred Fink
International Representive

Fred, a third generation railroader began his railroad career in 1974 as a Carman on the Penn Central Railroad. An active member from his date of hire, Fred became a Local Officer for Local 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio and. ..Read More>>