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This week, Congress took two noteworthy actions involving transit:
1) The House and Senate voted to provide a short-term funding patch so that federal surface transportation spending can continue until the fall.
2) The Senate passed the Drive Act, its surface transportation reauthorization bill to establish policy for transit and highways for the next six years. TWU opposes this legislation.


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Following several days of procedural voting on the surface transportation reauthorization bill, the U.S. Senate voted this week to move forward with their sweeping transportation package. Unfortunately the bill included transit public private partnership language that would make it easier to privatize transit work. We have opposed this bill during negotiations and continue to do so.
TWU continues to actively engage on this issue, sending letters to Senators, issuing statements, and working with elected officials and allies to fight for the best bill for our members. We believe these negotiations should be made out in the open with input from all stakeholders, and that’s why we’re continuously sharing information about this process. The debate over this bill is not over and before anything becomes law the Senate must take a final vote, the House has to write and pass its own legislation, and President Obama has to sign it.
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Following the June IEC meeting, presidents and officers from a number of Transit, Universities, Utilities and Services Division locals gathered in Chicago to discuss key issues, attend a number of trainings, and continue to build strength and unity within the division.

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On Dec. 1, 2008, Bus Operator Edwin Thomas, a 46-year old father of two, was stabbed to death by a passenger on the B-46 Bus at Malcolm X Boulevard and Gates Ave in New York. He was loved by his co-workers and respected and liked by his passengers.  Local 100 has helped keep his memory alive with annual memorials near the site of his murder, and now, with the help of City Councilman Alan Maisel, there will be a permanent memorial for Edwin Thomas: a street co-named in his honor in the shadow of the Flatbush Bus Depot, home to the B46 Line.
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Jon Bradford is president of Transport Workers (TWU) Local 226, representing some 800 bus drivers and social service workers in New Jersey. The local is about to grow by 100 members, thanks to a successful organizing campaign by bus driver Luis Del Toro and his co-workers who work for Trans-Ed, a company that provides bus service to school districts in northern New Jersey.
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HEARING: Surface Transportation Reauthorization: Building on the Successes of MAP-21 to Deliver Safe, Efficient and Effective Public Transportation Services and Projects
Watch the full hearing, as broadcast live this morning, and read/download President Lombardo's full written testimony.
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TWU International President Harry Lombardo will be testifying before Congress on Thursday, April 23, on the importance of reauthorizing MAP-21, the federal surface transportation funding legislation. This is the first time a president of TWU has been asked to testify before Congress in recent memory.  The hearing can be viewed live by going to and clicking on the “Watch Live Hearing” link in the middle of the page (the “Watch Live Hearing” link will only be available once the Committee hearing begins). 
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All members should have received at their home address an official TWU Membership Survey, along with an important communication from TWU International President Harry Lombardo. Your union is requesting that you fill out the survey in its entirety and return it to the TWU.
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