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President Little on Union Edge Radio Show

Published 17 Mar, 2011


Transport Workers Union International President James C. Little appeared on the Union Edge Radio Talk Show on Tuesday, March 15 to discuss the rising attack on the middle class and the need to create good jobs.
President Little spoke about the threat to workers’ rights that is occurring in states across the country like Wisconsin and Ohio and how people have "awakened" and are fighting back. He stressed the importance of engaging young people in the labor movement and seizing upon the grassroots energy in Wisconsin to mobilize a new generation. 
Listen to the show.
“This is not just an attack on labor or about deficits. This is an attack on working families and an attack on civil rights, its no different than what was going on in the early 1960s,” said Little during the show.
He said there is a lack of shared sacrifice as politicians and CEOs want to remain at the top while imposing cuts on working people. The struggle for a contract at American Airlines and Caesars Casino and the effort to get funding for Amtrak and public transit are all examples of this corporate greed and politicians neglect of the common good.
“This is our time to stand up and be recognized. We need to look at the politicians who make idle promises and haven’t delivered. Working families must take a position to stand up for middle America because no one else will,” said Little.